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There are so many awesome Brazilian soccer players that you should be following on Twitter! They make it really easy to be able to keep up with all of them and all that goes on in their lives. They're constantly posting cool photos from their practice sessions or vacations. If you kept up with the 2014 World Cup, a lot of these players will be familiar to you. Check out some of the cool Brazilian soccer players to follow!

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Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr All hail Neymar! His World Cup journey unfortunately ended before its time but he still got the chance to show off his incredible skill while he was still playing. When he was injured, he took to Twitter (@NeymarJr) to thank all of his fans and supporters for their unconditional love. Neymar's currently healing and will be back on the field in no time! He's just one of many awesome Brazilian soccer players that you should follow.


Oscar Emboaba

Oscar Emboaba Oscar was definitely one of my favorite players during the World Cup. He had a fire in him that burned the whole way through. I love that he leaves his heart on the field every time he plays! I can't wait to see him play with the national team when they make their way to the US next month. You can follow him on @Oscar11.


Daniel Alves

Daniel Alves Dani Alves definitely showed how great a contribution he is to the national team during the World Cup. When Brazil left the competition, Dani took to Twitter (@DaniAlvesD2) to thank his fellow Brazilians for their ongoing support for him and the team. He wrote a really sweet message and assured everyone that the team did all that they could and will come back stronger than ever.


Gabriel Barbosa

Gabriel Barbosa This is a name that you need to keep on your radar. Gabriel Barbosa (better known as "Gabigol" for all of his, well, goals) is a force to be reckoned with. He's currently playing as a forward for Santos FC and is a great contribution to the team. You can follow him on Twitter on @GBarbosaOfficial where he posts tons of inspirational photos and quotes. I seriously hope to see him on the National team for the 2018 World Cup! Oh yeah, he's only 17.


David Luiz

David Luiz David Luiz is definitely a fan favorite! He did an incredible job at the World Cup. I mean, who will forget that free-kick that turned into a goal?! He's got some serious skill and I loved his bromance with Oscar (The two played together for Chelsea - David Luis has since signed for Paris Saint Germain). You can follow him on @DavidLuiz_4!


Marcelo Viera

Marcelo Viera When Marcelo isn't playing for the national team, he's playing for Real Madrid. You can follow him on @12MarceloV where he's really active and is constantly posting photos and talking to his fans. I think he's such a superstar on the field and I can't wait to see his future matches.


Willian Borges

Willian Borges A lot of people say that Willian has a certain care-free way of playing, almost like Neymar's. I definitely agree with that! He plays for Chelsea, alongside Oscar Emboaba and another Brazilian I haven't mentioned, Ramires.. You can follow him on @WillianBorges88.

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many awesome Brazilian soccer players to follow on Twitter! It's so much fun being able to keep up with them and their busy lives. Who do you love to follow on Twitter? Do you have a favorite Brazilian soccer player?

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