10 Celebrities Wearing Floral Dresses – Who Wore It Best?

Celebrities wearing floral dresses are a dime a dozen these days. Floral dresses are a fashion favourite and everyone seems to have at least one in their wardrobe. There’s a floral dress for every season and occasion, from dark winter dresses to fun and flirty sundresses. Take a look at the following celebrities wearing floral dresses and let us know who you think wore theirs the best.

1. January Jones

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First up on our list of celebrities wearing floral dresses is January Jones who looks cool, calm, and collected in a blue and white floral dress. The dress has a relaxed design with a short hemline, cinched waist, and concealed pockets. She teams her dress with a classic trench coat, strappy heels, and a coat of red lipstick for a more polished look.

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