10 Celebrities Wearing Leopard Print – Who Wore It Best?

Leopard print can either be a fashion do or a fashion don’t but this doesn’t seem to stop the number of celebrities wearing leopard print outfits. The leopard print coat has become a must-have in recent years, but lately we’re seeing celebrities branch out with their leopard prints. While leopard print is a staple on the fashion circuit, just how fashionable it is can depend on personal style and taste. Check out these celebrities wearing leopard print and let us know who you think styled it the best.

1. Rose Byrne

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Rose Byrne is the first of our celebrities wearing leopard print. Here she wears a chic leopard print coat with a black top and skinny jeans. A small side bag and patent black pumps complete the outfit. As Rose shows us here, a statement leopard print coat is a great way of livening up a head to toe black outfit.

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