9 Celebrities Rocking the Classic White Shirt - Who Wore It Best?


9 Celebrities Rocking the Classic White Shirt - Who Wore It Best?
9 Celebrities Rocking the Classic White Shirt - Who Wore It Best?

Lately, we’ve spotted a number of celebrities in a classic white shirt. The classic white shirt is a staple for any wardrobe and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. As much as celebrities love a trend, they also know the value of basics. Take a look at our picks of celebrities in a classic white shirt and let us know who you think wore it best.

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Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough is the first of our celebrities in a classic white shirt. Here she works a timeless look by teaming a crisp white shirt with skinny jeans and taupe heels. She accessorises with a neutral handbag, drop necklace, and statement ring. She also adds a dash of colour to her look with some bright red lipstick.


Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed works a classic look with a twist by incorporating some fun accessories into her outfit. She wears her white shirt loosely tucked into skinny jeans. She accessories with a colourful statement necklace, leopard print clutch, and bright platform sandals.


Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne works a more androgynous look with this outfit. She teams a crisp white shirt with a smart grey blazer and black leather pants. Black ankle boots, a chunky man-style watch, and assorted jewellery complete her look.


Elizabeth Olsen

Despite wearing her white shirt buttoned all the way up to the collar, Elizabeth Olsen makes it look far more relaxed. She wears her white shirt with the sleeves casually pushed up and over black shorts. The loose hairdo and wrapped headscarf add to the relaxed feel of the outfit.


Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning goes for maximum glamour in this Dolce & Gabbana getup. She wears a billowy white shirt tucked into a full black skirt and with an oversized black bow-tie. Lacy pumps and a bejewelled headband complete her look.


Solange Knowles

Matching suits are seriously trending right now. Solange Knowles uses a classic white shirt to break up the print of this matching suit set. It’s a sleek evening look and one that would be a great alternative to the classic cocktail dress.


Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson works an on-trend look by teaming her classic white shirt with colourful leather shorts. She works a relaxed look by only half tucking her shirt in. She accessorises her outfit with a compact clutch, black booties, and assorted jewellery.


Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo keeps things fairly simple with this neutral outfit. She teams a classic white shirt with tailored shorts and nude cut-out shoes. She only tucks the front of the shirt into her shorts and you can make out some scalloped details around the edge of the shirt. A snakeskin clutch works in well with the neutral tones and a metallic belt and cuff add glam touches to her outfit.


Alessandra Ambrosio

Here, Alessandra Ambrosio works a relaxed off-duty look. She teams her classic white shirt with cut-off shorts, t-bar sandals, aviator sunglasses, and a neon satchel. This casual outfit is perfect for wearing on a summer’s day and it’s one that you could easily recreate on a budget.

These are just some of the celebrities we’ve spotted wearing the classic white shirt. As you can see, this wardrobe staple can be styled in many different ways. Which of these celebrity looks do you like best?

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1,2 & 9.

Cara and Olivia

I really like Alessandra's clothes but I feel like she could've found a better way to do her hair for it...

Interesting white shirts. Love it

Alessandra ambrosia, Julianne, and Nikki Reed

Alessandra, Solange and Olivia...the rest wtf? Nooo! Except Ashlee she didn't look horrible just wasn't the best.

I vote Julianne;)

Nikki and Alessandra

All but Cara,Solange, an Elle

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