7 Great Celebrity Festival Outfits from 2013 ...


7 Great Celebrity Festival Outfits from 2013 ...
7 Great Celebrity Festival Outfits from 2013 ...

I love checking out celebrity festival outfits. Whether it’s Glastonbury, Bestival or Coachella, the fashion is just so out there – gone are the glamorous red-carpet styles and daring thigh-slit dresses, and instead we have a lot of mud, usually some rain and plenty of crazy looks. Celebrity festival outfits usually inspire a tidal wave of new trends, too! Here are some of my faves from this year…

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Azealia Banks…

Azealia Banks… As celebrity festival outfits go, this was one of the boldest. Azealia Banks hit the LoveBox stage in a rather futuristic neon green and silver jump suit, complete with odd chest detailing and matching leather gloves. There was even a cheeky cut-away hole in the back that exposed her bum. It’s safe to say that she blew the crowd away with her infectious energy and great hits! It’s probably not a look I’ll be trying, though…



Chvrches… Chvrches star Lauren Mayberry looked amazing at Latitude, and her vocal talents totally wowed the crowd. I love her casual festival style, too – this adorable floral red tea-dress is a must-have. She teamed it with thin black cat-flick eyeliner and bedhead hair. This is a festival look I’ll definitely be borrowing!


Jessie Ware…

Jessie Ware… If you loved '90s fashion, you’ll adore Jessie’s Somerset House outfit. Jessie was definitely feeling the love, telling the crowd how much she was loving the event and that she couldn’t believe she was singing there, before belting out some of her greatest hits. It was her outfit that got everyone talking, though. A lace crop top and wide leg trousers, teamed with a long black coat and a simple pendant necklace. Jessie looked AMAZING – and with a stomach like that, who wouldn’t show it off?!



Rihanna… Rihanna made a very brief appearance at Wireless, where she appeared on stage with her mentor Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake. The starlet went for an on-trend croptop too, but chose a cut-out white design and wore it with a high-waisted black leather pencil skirt and black converse. The rest of her look was suitably mismatched, featuring plenty of crazy blonde curls under a gray bobble hat, stomach chains and piles of gold bracelets. Not to mention her bright red lips or diamond-encrusted sunglasses, of course.



Ke$ha… Ke$ha went all tour-chic at Wireless, where she performed on Friday night. Rather than a relaxed festival look, the Tik Tok singer opted for jeweled fishnet tights worn with a glittery leotard, bold face paints and some seriously messy hair. Accessorized by at least six men wearing harnesses and bright pink trousers, of course. Kudos to Ke$ha for her fashion prowess – it doesn’t look too comfortable!


Justin Timberlake…

Justin Timberlake… Justin did a great set that mixed the old with the new, and his look was jut perfect. Suit trousers worn with a monochrome shirt and black hat looked effortless yet stylish, and still gave him enough flexibility to bust some of those trademark moves. He doesn’t look like he’s aged a day.


Rita Ora…

Rita Ora… Well, you can’t have a celebrity festival outfits round up without Rita appearing somewhere! Rita hit the Wireless stage on Saturday evening, and had the whole Olympic Park joining in her hit song RIP. What an atmosphere! Her outfit didn’t disappoint, either. Her unusually tame black shorts were brightened up with a stained-glass style t-shirt and matching jacket, out-of-control curls and some bright red lipstick. Rita even coordinated with a bright red microphone. Win.

Of course, there are plenty of more risky celebrity festival outfits, too – Iggy Azalea's printed two-piece certainly divided opinion, and didn’t look too comfortable. Which looks are you loving or loathing?! Let me know!

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Justin looks good

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Justin looks SOO GOOD !!

These aren't very good... Sorry

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