11 Celebrities Wearing Navy Outfits – Who Wore It Best?

Navy is certainly a popular colour at the moment, and there have been plenty of celebrities wearing navy outfits. Navy is a classic colour and this shade of blue is great for those wanting to wear dark colours without having to resort to basic black. The colour is versatile and can be worn in a range of styles, shapes, and fabrics. Take a look at these celebrities wearing navy outfits and let us know who you think rocked this blue hue the best.

1. Chloe Moretz

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Kicking things off on our list of celebrities wearing navy outfits is Chloe Moretz. Here she is wearing a smart navy wool jacket and skirt. She teams this ensemble with opaque stockings, pointed heels, and a ladylike handbag. Bookmark this look for some possible fall/winter outfit inspiration.

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