11 Celebrities Wearing Skater Skirts Who Wore It Best?


11 Celebrities Wearing Skater Skirts  Who Wore It Best?
11 Celebrities Wearing Skater Skirts  Who Wore It Best?

We’ve spotted plenty of celebrities wearing skater skirts lately. The skater skirt seems to be a wardrobe staple these days and it’s a trend that will be sticking around for some time yet. The skater skirt can come in all sorts of designs and can be styled in a range of different ways. Just take a look at these celebrities wearing skater skirts for some everyday outfit inspiration.

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Rihanna The first of our celebrities wearing skater skirts is Rihanna. Here she wears a turquoise skater skirt with a printed blouse and tan pointed heels. It’s a cute look that could easily work in a more casual way during the day with some ballet flats or brogues.


Rihanna's ensemble is a fabulous display of how versatile the skater skirt can be. With its flirty flare and high waist, it accentuates her figure while offering a playful yet sophisticated edge. By pairing it with a bold printed blouse, Rihanna maintains a balance between chic and fun, a testament to her fashion-forward sensibility. Her choice of tan pointed heels adds a touch of elegance, elongating her legs. It's precisely her attention to detail that showcases just how easily a skater skirt can transition from daytime flirtiness to evening glamour.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift works a preppy look with her skater skirt and sweater combination. She teams her teal skater skirt with a cable knit sweater, red headband, wayfarer sunglasses, and white canvas sneakers.


Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove Miranda Cosgrove works an edgy look in a black quilted leather-look skater skirt. The skirt is more structured in style, but still has the same shape as a typical skater skirt. She teams it with a black and white studded t-shirt, peep-toe booties, and a compact clutch.


Cosgrove's ensemble is a masterclass in balancing feminine charm and rock-inspired toughness. The leather-like texture of her skirt adds a gritty twist to the otherwise girlish flare of the skater cut. Her choice of accessories—studded details on the tee and the hard-edged peep-toe boots—echoes this meeting of worlds. It's a look that keeps the actress at the forefront of trend-setting with a nod to rebellious style, yet still accessible for those looking to inject a bit of edge into their own wardrobe.


Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale is another celebrity who opted for a chic black and white look when styling her skater skirt. Here she wears a full skater skirt with a white blouse, draped jacket, and ankle strap heels. The outfit is a mix of classic and youthful styling.


Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne Rose Byrne cuts a very ladylike figure in her skater skirt. She teams a short skater skirt with a demure floral blouse. She completes her outfit with opaque stockings and patent pumps.


Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum Emmy Rossum works a cool off duty look in a black skater skirt. She teams her perforated leather-look skater skirt with a zebra print sweater, small side satchel, and black ankle boots. It’s a cool everyday outfit that you could easily recreate on a budget.


Emmy Rossum’s flair for casual chic really comes into play with this ensemble. Her ability to mix patterns and textures, like the zebra print against the leather-like fabric, shows a fearless fashion sense. It's remarkable how she balances the edgy bottom with a playful top, ensuring the look remains fun yet sophisticated. By adding the classic black ankle boots and a sophisticated side satchel, she radiates an effortless cool-girl vibe that's both enviable and achievable. A masterclass in pairing the bold with the understated, Rossum proves that a skater skirt can be a versatile staple for the sartorially savvy.


Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr works a very model-off-duty look in her skater skirt. She teams it with a patterned sweater, oversized coat, and buckled ankle boots. If you’ve got legs for miles like Miranda does then wearing a skater skirt will definitely show them off.


Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster Here, Jordana Brewster rocks a flippy skater skirt. The small polka dot print on the skirt is on-trend and looks polished when teamed with a black blouse, pointed pumps, and compact clutch. This is the kind of outfit that you could dress up or down, depending on the occasion.


January Jones

January Jones January Jones was spotted wearing this bold patterned mini skirt. It’s a fun print that she has teamed with basics. A black top, biker jacket, and platform pumps complete her look.


January's choice of a skater skirt with a geometric print adds a playful yet edgy vibe to her outfit, exemplifying the skirt's versatility. The tucked-in top accentuates her waist, highlighting the skirt's flattering cut. Her pairing choice keeps the ensemble grounded and accessible, showing that even the most unique patterns can be integrated into a stylish, everyday look. With her hair casually styled and minimal accessories, the Mad Men star proves that a bold print doesn't need competition – it stands out beautifully on its own.


Samantha Barks

Samantha Barks Les Miserables actress Samantha Barks works a tough look in lots of leather. She teams a black and blue leather trimmed skater skirt with a black top, biker jacket, opaque stockings and ankle boots. She accessorises her outfit with a roomy handbag.


Samantha's ensemble exudes an edgy chic vibe, perfect for those wanting to make a statement with a hint of rock 'n' roll flair. The monochromatic theme, punctuated with a splash of blue, showcases her ability to blend classic femininity with modern toughness. Her choice of simple, yet bold accessories underscores the cool factor of the skater skirt trend. Samantha's look is ideal for anyone aiming to capture a sleek, urban style that's daring but still effortlessly stylish.


Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova Tennis ace Maria Sharapova works a more demure look in a knee length skater-style skirt. She teams her coral skirt with a floral printed blouse and pointed black pumps. She also works some coral colour into her makeup with a coral lipstick.

These are just a few celebrities who have been spotted rocking the flirty skater skirt. Do you own a skater skirt? Which of these celebrity looks do you like best?

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Taylor swift

None of them look all that great.


Also we are missing the one and only Jennifer Aniston in friends????!!!!!!!!!!!!! She rocks the flannel skater skirt more than anyone

#2 I love Taylor Swift sooooo much. her songs are just so revolutionary and they changed my life and the way I think about things. IDOL! I think Taylor just rocks anything!

Rihanna or Ashley Tisdale

Only January and Maria looked even a little good

Miranda Kerr

I love skater skirts �


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