11 Celebrities Wearing Ripped Jeans – Who Wore It Best?

For off-duty outfit inspiration, you can’t beat the latest wave of celebrities wearing ripped jeans. While we’re used to seeing celebrities rock over the top frocks on the red carpet, we’re just as likely to see them wearing oh-so-casual outfits off it. Ripped jeans are at the height of the grunge revival and they’re the must-have item of the moment. Check out these celebrities wearing ripped jeans and let us know who you think wore this distressed denim trend the best.

1. Jessica Alba

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When it comes to celebrities wearing ripped jeans, Jessica Alba works a polished off-duty look. She teams a pair of skinny jeans, ripped at the knees, with a plain white tee and classic black blazer. Reflective sunglasses, a leopard print handbag, and cat-shaped shoes add fun touches to an otherwise timeless outfit.

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