7 Celebrity Blogs You Need to Follow ...

When I say "celebrity blogs" you may be thinking of the standard gossip sites, but no ladies, I'm talking about blogs made by celebrities themselves. It's really cool to take a glimpse into their lives through their webpages, and even learn a thing or two from their tips and "how to's" in the process. When we read gossip magazines and watch "celebrity news" shows, the content is often times hearsay, but these blogs are the real deal. Take a look at some of the best celebrity blogs out there:

1. Beyonce's Tumblr "I Am"

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It's inevitable that something created by Queen Bey herself would be one of the greatest celebrity blogs out there. The pictures featured on the blog are cute and candid and give you a glimpse behind the scenes of her fabulous tours, as well as her life in general. She even has a video diary from her Mrs. Carter tour, which is definitely worth watching. See it here at: iam.beyonce.com.

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