11 Celebrity Fashion Faux-pas That You Won't Forget ...

When it comes to fashion, we've all made catastrophic errors, but they often don’t compare to the celebrity fashion faux-pas. It is not surprising, with persistent pressure to make a statement or to stand out from the crowd, that sometimes, even the biggest star (and their stylists !) get it very wrong. The most gracious celebrities will themselves admit their errors and celebrity fashion faux-pas, but here are the top 11 that stand out for me.

1. Blake Lively, TIME 100 Gala, 2011

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Blake Lively sure was channeling the Little Mermaid with this celebrity fashion faux-pas. The red hair, the green dress, the low cut. It's all horrible and she seriously looks just like Ariel at the TIME 100 Gala back in 2011!

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