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When it comes to fashion inspiration, who better to look to than well dressed celebrities? Guest contributor Zara Gul is here with her list of celebrity looks that you should definitely consider recreating!

Who doesn’t want to look as fashionable and charming as a celebrity? All year round, we have a bunch of social events popping up and the biggest question is always, «What am I going to wear?» In order to look stylish, modern and sophisticated, you need to know what’s in and what’s out. Check out this year's hottest celebrity looks and choose which one you should imitate to look just as fabulous!

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Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Fashion model, designer and singer Victoria Beckham is your ultimate trendsetter! Her skin-hugging white dress with a sultry belt and sexy beige pumps are a gorgeous combination for any event day or night. We're also loving that cute cardigan and her hair!


Anna Faris

Anna Faris If you want to look simple but elegant, take inspiration from Anna Faris. Her outfit at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards got her a lot of attention, and rightfully so. The color is gorgeous, the fit is just perfect and the dress is STUNNING!


Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Despite some of her not-so-appealing outfits in the past, this famous star has brought fashion to a whole new level. Her stylish and unique dress from the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Red Carpet Premiere had everyone surprised and excited at the same time. She definitely spiced up her appearance and we're loving it!


Emma Watson

Emma Watson From a sizzling magazine cover for GLAMOUR to this hot Christian Dior two-piece outfit, Emma Watson is THE celebrity to look out for. Girls, you’ll want to keep a sharp eye out for this celebrity’s style and trends because she is definitely among the best dressed females of the year.


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton If there’s any woman who paved a way into the limelight, it’s the Duchess of Cambridge. We have seen her evolve from a beautiful bride to a gorgeous princess and finally a ravishing mother of the royal baby. Her style sense and undeniably good looks have caught the eyes of fashion photographers all over the world. Whether it’s casual or formal wear, this princess knows how to keep it going.


Lily Collins

Lily Collins Phil Collins has raised one beautiful daughter. Lily's charming facial features together with her contemporary Audrey Hepburn look have brought her into the spotlight as one of the best dressed females of the year. Her best asset is her ability to dress according to her age and flaunt it in the most beautiful way ever. Yes, the starlet has some incredible taste for outfits which is why she’s on my list!


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Not everyone can pull off a metallic look; that too at the 56th Grammy Awards. But Taylor Swift has proven to be a perfect show-stopper. The metallic gold Gucci column dress that she wore on the red carpet was breathtakingly beautiful. It hugged her slim physique and gave the young star a very mature and elegant look. Her sparkling outfit swept onlookers off their feet. Ladies, if you are young but want to know how to dress gracefully, you should follow this trendsetting celebrity.

Which of these gorgeous gals inspires your style?

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KStew?? U r sure about that??LOL

Kstew beautiful as always!

Duchess Kate never fails to look stunning!!

What about Solange Knowles?

I'm in love with Emma Watson's outfit!!!

Emma Watson Forever!!

I'm surprised Olivia Palermo's not on this list. Totes agree with your #1 tho!

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