7 Fabulous Phases of Hayden Panettiere's 24-year on Screen Transformation ...


7 Fabulous Phases of Hayden Panettiere's 24-year on Screen Transformation ...
7 Fabulous Phases of Hayden Panettiere's 24-year on Screen Transformation ...

If you're a fan of Hayden Panettiere, you're going to enjoy guest contributor Kate's post on her amazing 24 year on screen transformation! Thanks Kate!

Hayden Panettiere has been showcasing her talents on-screen since she was 11 months old, with her first role in a Playskool commercial. Since then, she’s kept busy: she acted in the soap operas «One Life to Live» and «Guiding Light»; starred with Denzel Washington in «Remember the Titans;» and now is working on the hit TV series «Nashville.» Unlike other child stars, Hayden has managed to keep her stride and build a successful career for herself. To celebrate her 24th birthday, let’s take a look at her 24-year on-screen transformation.

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Her First on-Screen Appearance

5-year old Hayden Panettiere’s first big role on-screen was for an episode on the 1996 TV series, «Aliens in the Family.» This was a creepy show about a Brady Bunch type family that was part Alien and part human — it only lasted one season.


An Award Winning Performance

Hayden’s first multi-episode role was starring on the soap opera «One Life to Live» from 1994-1997. Then, in 1996, she began her role as Lizzie Spaulding on «Guiding Light.» Hayden's character on «Guiding Light» battles with leukemia and the show ended up receiving a Special Recognition Award from The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for bringing awareness to the disease.


Do You Remember?

At 11 years old, Hayden played the mouthy, football-crazed daughter in the film «Remember the Titans,» which also starred Denzel Washington. This was her breakout role and was well-received, winning the Young Artist's Award for Best Supporting Young Actress for her performance.


Troublesome Years

In 2004, Hayden played the role of Kate Hudson’s sassy niece in the romantic comedy «Raising Helen,» as a troubled teen who smokes, has a fake I.D. and back-talks her aunt. This role showed a new side to Hayden, breaking the innocent cast-type.


Cheer Away

In the third in the Bring It On film series, Hayden stars as cheerleader Britney Allen in «Bring It On: All or Nothing.» This was the beginning of her career playing cheerleaders in films. She later played the role of a cheerleader in the film «I Love you, Beth Cooper,» and again in «Heroes.»


Talking about Superpowers

Hayden’s role as Claire on «Heroes» from 2006-2010 is what she is best known for. This NBC sci-fi series was cancelled in 2010 after a successful four seasons. Hayden’s character Claire was an indestructible cheerleader with super powers. This role was the first time the TV audience saw Hayden as a mature, beautiful woman and no longer a child.


Back to the Present

In Hayden’s most recent acting role, she plays a young country singer named Juliette on the show «Nashville» which began in 2012 and is still going strong. In this role, Hayden gets to showcase her singing talents alongside Connie Britton. The show was nominated for two Golden Globe awards.

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