Matt Bomer Set to Guest Star on AHS ...


If you're obsessed with American Horror Story (*cough cough* like me), and you're also a fan of USA Network's White Collar, then boy are you in for a special treat. Matt Bomer is set to guest star on AHS: Freak Show and creator Ryan Murphy broke the news himself at Entertainment Weekly's Emmy party! Ryan talked about how excited he is to reunite with Matt, who's nominated this year for his performance in The Normal Heart, directed by Murphy. Ryan had to work around Matt's Magic Mike 2 schedule to make this happen but I'm so glad things worked out! AHS: Freak Show premieres on FX on Oct. 8th!

Here's the teaser video for this upcoming season!

Are you excited to see Matt guest-star?

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Is the show good????

I agree! Enough already

Make these celeb articles stop

I love AHS!!!! Can't wait!!!

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