The Foo Fighters Re-enact Carrie for the ALS Challenge and It's Awesome ...


Unless you've been hiding under a rock, I'm sure you've seen countless videos of celebrities taking up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. You just can't escape it! While some were normal and boring, others got more creative and I think this one is my absolute favorite! Dave Grohl and his fellow Foo Fighters recreated the iconic pig's blood scene from Carrie and it's hilarious (and mildly spooky)! You've got to love how much thought they put into it, instead of the usual "Here's a bucket of ice that I'm going to empty on my head" routine.

So, which celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video is your favorite and what do you think about the challenge as a whole? Tell us below!

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So funny. One of my favorite scary movies

Christiano Ronaldo!

Bill Gates did amazing as well!

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