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Mindy Kaling is a comedy genius. I'm pretty much obsessed with 'The Mindy Project' because it's relatable, quirky, and let's be real, there's some serious eye candy on that show! Luckily for all of us, Mindy documents a lot of the behind-the-scenes moments and posts them on her Instagram account. Check out the best photos from The Mindy Project set!

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Mindy & Danny? FINALLY!

Mindy & Danny? FINALLY! @mindykaling ("We're a couple now bitches")
Are you shipping Mindy/Danny as much as I am?! I was SO happy when they got together and I can't wait to see what happens! P.S what's their ship name?!


Behind the Camera

Behind the Camera @mindykaling ("A Sicilian and an Italian up to no good. #themindyproject")
It looks like Chris Messina is very involved in the show!


Script Reads

Script Reads @mindykaling ("#themindyproject reading the premiere. No one is laughing. @jeremybronson @mcwarburton @traceywigfield @loulielang @davidstassen")
Sigh... what I would give to be able to read a script from this show!


Exclusive Sneak Peek

Exclusive Sneak Peek @mindykaling ("@mcwarburton")
Mindy gave her fans a sneak peek at the episode's title... which says a lot about what the episode was about! LOL!


Puppy Love

Puppy Love @mindykaling ("Back at #themindyproject, these two glorious creatures are falling in love")
There's no doubt about it... Ike Barinholtz is one of my favorite people ever!


Off-camera Fun

Off-camera Fun @mindykaling ("@ikebarinholtz @adampally #Stage27 shenanigans #themindyprojectfox")

So, how awesome would it be to hang with these two? It seems like they have such a blast together!


Editing Mania

Editing Mania @mindykaling ("Editing this cool guy with Rob #noshoes #mcdonalds #heaven")
To get the perfect episode, editing needs to be done. Of course, who can do that without some McDonalds?!


Stunt Woman

Stunt Woman @mindykaling ("We do wicked fun stunts on #themindyproject")
I love Mindy's character because she's so quirky and relatable. I can't wait to see what this stunt was for!


Special Scenes

Special Scenes @mindykaling ("Today we are shooting in the place where I shot my first movie, 40 Year Old Virgin! This is where Judd and Seth and Paul Rudd sat in video")

Mindy remembers her first role (which was genius) by snapping a photo in the place that she filmed it! Talk about moving on up!


Cranky Writers

Cranky Writers @mindykaling ("Dave, Ike and I rewriting at 7am. Dave looks so cheerful")
I don't know you, but I would wake up at the crack of dawn if it meant writing and hanging with these people.


Team Casey?

Team Casey? @mindykaling ("Drama! Found this in Mindy Lahiri's work desk. I guess in case this thing with Danny doesn't work out? #themindyproject")
Who do you think Mindy belongs with? Casey or Danny?!


Eye Candy

Eye Candy @mindykaling ("At work today. Gross")
First off, LOL at her caption! Who would mind spending their work days with these good-looking guys?!


Doctors Acting Casual

Doctors Acting Casual @mindykaling ("Dr. Jeremy Reed & Dr. Lauren Neustadter #themindyproject #hairspray")
Dr. Jeremy Reed. What a dreamboat!



Scenery @mindykaling ("Sunrise on stage 27")
Late work nights or early mornings? Either way, what a beautiful sunrise!


Work Attire

Work Attire @mindykaling ("Never wear shorts to work but it's been so hot. Messina said I looked really "comfy" again.")

Messina may not have been a fan of the outfit but I am! Even in the most casual outfit, Mindy looks super chic!


Edit, Edit, Edit

Edit, Edit, Edit @mindykaling ("These two are getting really cliquey")
I imagine the 'Mindy Project' writing/editing room to be one of the coolest places on this earth.


Model Candids

Model Candids @mindykaling ("Just saw this model chillin on the upper west side @xoshroq #themindyproject")
Anyone else obsessed with her? She's too funny!


Lounging around

Lounging around @mindykaling ("Notes call posture! This is my face during concentration not consternation #themindyproject")
What a busy day it must've been!


Floral Queen

Floral Queen @mindykaling ("Won't do floral unless it's @mrsalperez")
Mindy wears floral like no other! Her style is so classic!


In between Takes

In between Takes @mindykaling ("Between takes @ikebarinholtz and I read because #ireadeverywhere #nypl #themindyproject")
Um.. can we all join a book club or something?


Season Three

Season Three @mindykaling ("This isn't calamari, this is obviously a spider that they fried up and served to us #writersroomdinnersurprises")
Team Danny, all the way!


One Order of Castellano

One Order of Castellano @mindykaling ("So many sweets on set. One courtesy of @ikebarinholtz and one Castellano"
Good looks run in the Castellano family!


Family Portrait

Family Portrait @mindykaling ("The Castellanos! #themindyproject")
I have a feeling this family is gonna provide tons of laughs in the upcoming season.


Want a Ride?

Want a Ride? @mindykaling ("The red cart crew #themindyproject")
Hey, Ike, where can I get me one of these? LOL!



Fashionista @mindykaling ("One day if shooting, 6 looks #themindyproject @salperez is an angel")

Mindy has a very quirky style which I love. She's so confident that she can pull off anything!



Shenanigans @mindykaling ("I am shooting a movie in New York, entrusting set to Ike & Dave, and this is what happens.")
Leave it to Ike to be pantless on set!


Famous Friends

Famous Friends @mindykaling ("We get it you have famous friends")
Want/need these shirts!


Double Cam

Double Cam @mindykaling ("sometimes you meet cute, sometimes you meet fight")
Mindy gave her fans a sneak peek at what was to come with Danny and Jeremy!


Castellano Residence

Castellano Residence @mindykaling ("#regram @mcwarburton: Danny's apartment, #themindyproject 303")
Ever wondered what Danny's apartment really looked like?


Hair Mess

Hair Mess @mindykaling ("Tim Burton presents #themindyproject")
We all know that before your hair looks perfect, it looks a little something like this.


Comfort over Style?

Comfort over Style? @mindykaling ("Chris said I looked "really comfortable" this morning. So now I'm going to burn all my clothes")

Mindy's the only one who can pull off the curlers-in-hair look! Messina's right, she does look comfortable! LOL!


Table Reads

Table Reads @mindykaling ("First table read. Thanks @tsanchez14 for the picture! #themindyproject")
What would you give to be a fly on that wall?


Elevator Scenes

Elevator Scenes @mindykaling ("The old gang back together again. "Crimes & Misdemeanors & Ex-Boyfriends" #themindyproject")
Whoa. There was too much going on in that episode!


Actors' Thrones

Actors' Thrones @mindykaling ("The Ike Barinholtz Memorial Chair #dayone #themindyproject")
Whenever Ike's not running around causing chaos, you can find him seated here!


Sleep? What's That?

Sleep? What's That? @mindykaling ("Midnight oil #themindyproject")
This team won't quit until everything's done and ready!


Future in-law

Future in-law @mindykaling ("Mrs. Castellano & me #themindyproject")
Could this be Mindy's future mother-in-law? I hope so!


Caught off Guard

Caught off Guard @mindykaling ("Being on set producer is lonely work")
Long day, huh?


Mad for Plaid

Mad for Plaid @mindykaling ("Sal is spoiling me this season. He custom made me this green plaid skirt suit with a Celine to match! #themindyproject")

We all know Mindy's a fashionista but this green plaid skirt suit outdoes everything!


The Crew

The Crew @mindykaling ("Slow Times at Dirtbag High #themindyproject")
These guys love to hang out off-camera just as much as they do in the show!



Creativity @mindykaling ("Inspiring my writers. Photo by @ikebarinholtz")
I'm sure Mindy has many different ways of inspiring her writers! This just happens to be one of them.


Running Lines

Running Lines @mindykaling ("#Repost from @soniakharkar. Memorizing lines. My hair is clumps of wire. I drove home barefoot. Season 3 shooting starts tomorrow!")

Mindy shared this photo before season three started shooting to show her fans a bit of the chaos that happens behind the scenes!


Morning Beauty

Morning Beauty @mindykaling ("That 6:30am life #themindyproject")
I wouldn't mind seeing this every morning at work.

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