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Sibling Love Vanessa Hudgens' Cutest Pics with Stella

By Vanessa

Having a sister means you have a best friend for life. Whether you're the older one or the younger one, there's always something you can teach the other. Taking selfies is always fun because you'll always have someone to join in or photobomb you, LOL! Vanessa Hudgens is super close with her little sis, Stella, and is constantly posting pictures of the two of them hanging out!

1 Concert Bonding

Concert Bonding@vanessahudgens: Such a good time last week. @flumemusic @stellahudgens #soinspired #best

The two share a mutual love of music!

2 Body Art

Body Art@vanessahudgens: Yea. That happened lol @stellahudgens and I got piercings the gangsta way. Not.

Sisters who pierce together, stay together, right?!

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3 Love

Love@vanessahudgens: Lovers/sisters/friends... It's all the same. I love herrrrrr @stellahudgens

Sisters are more than just 'sisters,' they're soul mates!

4 Sunny Days

Sunny Days@vanessahudgens: @stellahudgens #fyf #sunbeams #lackofcolor

The two always keep things fashionable, even when the sun is out in full effect!

5 Workout Buddies

Workout Buddies@vanessahudgens: #tbt to the best morning ever with @shapewithangela and @stellahudgens #soulcycle

You can always count on your sister to help keep you motivated at the gym!

6 Admiration

Admiration@vanessahudgens: Isn't my sis such a dream boat stunner @stellahudgens

Vanessa even posts pictures of her little sis just so the world can see how gorgeous she is! Good looks totes run in the family with these two!

7 Trust

Trust@vanessahudgens: I'm a hair stylist too now I guess my handiwork on @stellahudgens she really trusts me! Lol #DIY!

Would you trust your sister to dye your hair?!

8 Holidays

Holidays@vanessahudgens: Happy 4th of July loves!!! kicking the day off right with @shapewithangela @stellahudgens #represent

The sister duo wore matching shirts earlier this summer!

How often do you and your sister bond or take photos together? It's a great way to preserve fun memories!

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