7 Facts about Norman Reedus That Will Make You Love Him More ...

Ready to learn some facts about Norman Reedus that just might make your ovaries explode? If you're into the actor, then you're probably already aware of his cult movie "The Boondock Saints" and his role on "The Walking Dead." However, he's so much more than a vigilante and a zombie killing machine with a sweet motorcycle and a cool hipster hillbilly haircut. Here's a look at a few interesting facts about Norman Reedus that might make you love him even more:

1. He Changed Daryl Dixon for the Better

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This is one of the best facts about Norman Reedus because he might not be as beloved as he is if he didn't try to change "The Walking Dead" script. His character, Daryl Dixon, was originally supposed to be a racist drug abuser. However, Norman didn't want Daryl to be like his easy-to-hate brother Merle. Instead the actor decided that Daryl should be slightly ashamed of the violent world that he grew up in. So basically Daryl is a reluctant redneck. However, his ability to hunt with a crossbow and his squirrel-skinning skills have certainly paid off during the zombie apocalypse.

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