7 Funny Women Changing the Game Right Now ...

Funny women are quickly taking over, and I, for one, am a little too excited about it. Whether you’re an avid 30 Rock fan, or simply have a lot of love for Bon Qui Qui, even all of these years later, you will find your favorite funny women, and maybe even discover a few more upon reading this list.

1. Amy Schumer

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After seeing seemingly endless praise for Amy Schumer across the board, I decided it was time to check out her show, Inside Amy Schumer. What started as “checking it out” led to almost five hours spent binge-watching the entire series. It’s the comedy we all need in our lives, whether we’re men or women, and that’s what makes it so special. Amy Schumer is without a doubt one of the funny women to keep an eye right now.

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