How to Steal the Style of Star Wars Daisy Ridley ...

By Cassandra

How to Steal the Style of Star Wars Daisy Ridley ...

From her ultra cool style to her badass leading role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Daisy Ridley has caused a huge ripple in the entertainment world overnight. Here's how you can get your fashion hustle on and steal her out-of-this-world look for less!

1 Need Some Last Minute Inspo? You Can Never Go Wrong with Jumpers and High Waisted Jeans

Source: Star Wars' Daisy Ridley and

This honestly has to be my favorite look of all time. From the simple red lip to the quirky canvas slip ons, you can't beat the casual and toasty vibes that this outfit gives off.

2 Don't Be Afraid to Play with Different Shapes

Source: Daisy Ridley Evening Coat

At first glance, her oversized coat seems like it overpowers her outfit. But if you look closely, Daisy expertly paired her trench coat with a short, slim fitting A line dress. The results are stunning!

3 Tuck Your Loose, Short Sleeve White Blouse into Fitted Bottoms for an Office Friendly Look

Source: Daisy Ridley Italian Source

This look is casual chic at its finest! If you're itching to try something a little different, pair your blouse with printed pants and a basic heel.

4 This is the Year of the Jumpsuit


Whether you're getting ready for a simple day at work or a spicy night out with your man, a dark jumpsuit that hits all the right curves is always a MUST.

5 Speaking of Dates, Let Daisy's Soft Waves Be Your Hairspo for the Night

Source: Pictures & Photos of Daisy

Forget your bold hair plans for tonight and go for a softer look instead. Daisy's simple makeup makes her hairstyle even more alluring.

6 Every Girl Needs a Statement Dress in Her Closet. What's Yours?

Source: Daisy Ridley Blue Minidress

From the flattering cut to the ultra cool blue shade, everything about this dress screams "Yes!" This minidress gives off a sexy silhouette that'll look killer with New York ready heels. Imitate Daisy's confident stroll by grabbing a statement dress that has similar qualities.

7 Don't Sleep on Your Neckline

Source: Daisy Ridley Portrait

Here, Daisy goes for a modest yet timeless neckline, using a bow as the finishing touch. Whether you're into high or low cuts, make sure you rock a collar that frames your elegant neck.

8 If You're Traveling, Comfy is Always the Way to Go

Source: Daisy Ridley at the Airport

Simple but stylish black ensemble? Check. Comfortable sneakers that'll help you get on the move? Double check. Quirky statement bag? Check, check, check.

9 Working That 9 to 5? Go "print" or Go Home!

Source: Daisy Ridley Look of the Day

First day on the job? Here's how you can dress like a boss minus the stress. A smart (not to mention super fun!) two-piece is just what you need.

10 Say Yes to the Oversized Coat


This is giving us some serious 1950s, old Hollywood glam vibes. I can dig it.

11 Lunch Date? Go for the Monochrome Look in a Cropped Sweater and Black Jeans


Trust me on this one.

12 Sometimes, It's All about the Bold Heels


Nothing makes a bigger statement than fierce heels.

13 Never Back down from a Bold Statement

Source: Steal Her Style: Star Wars' Daisy Ridley

Making a bold statement is all about balance. Observe Daisy's fierce, sharp, geometric dress next to her soft, subtle, understatement makeup. Flawless.

14 Couple Quirkiness with Confidence

Source: Best Looks: Daisy Ridley

Confidence is the key to pulling off any outfit, in fact. Your smile is your best accessory, even if you're wearing the cutest skirt imaginable.

15 Black is Always a Good Look

Source: Best Looks: Daisy Ridley

Always. Wear it head to toe.

16 Experiment with Different Eras of Fashion

Source: Best Looks: Daisy Ridley

You could mimic Daisy and try the mod look, or opt for a softer sort of vintage. Just make sure you own your look and give your retro ensemble your own modern twist. Fashion is all about personal expression, after all.

17 Keep It Simple when That Makes You Feel Beautiful

Source: Thanks to Star Wars...
There's nothing wrong with a T-shirt and jeans, especially if the classic combo makes you feel like a goddess.

Are you ready to steal one of Daisy's looks and make it your own?

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