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7 Incredible People You Should Follow on Instagram ...

By Gillian

My friends are always giving me lists of people you should follow on Instagram. I love this app, as does everyone else in the world - you could say I’m addicted. There are many, many great people on this social media sharing app, but who to follow is always the question. Some may think this list has people who are boring, and some will think it's great. This is a list of people you should follow on Instagram, according to me!

1 @Oprah

@OprahThe TV Queen tops my list of people you should follow on Instagram because I mean, it’s Oprah. Her page is filled with behind the scenes photos of her latest movies, her talk show and her life. Who doesn’t want an insight on how this woman lives? Not only does Oprah do great things for her community and the world, but she easily invites us into her life through her Instagram. Followers: 1.7M

2 @GOPro

@GOProIf you are into sports and outdoors activities, this is an account you should be following. Each picture will make you want to grab your board or skis and hit the nearest hill, or will make you want to become a photographer. The GoPro camera is amazing and is key for any sports enthusiast as it is the worlds most versatile camera. Followers: 941K


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3 @Beyonce

@BeyonceFor the lady that is so secretive about her personal life, her Instagram creates a great window into her world. If you are a huge fan (like the rest of us) make sure to go follow this lovely lady now. There are tons of pictures of her getting ready, her behind the stage routine and yes, you guessed it, Jay. Followers: 5.8M

4 Liz Eswein - @newyorkcity

Liz Eswein - @newyorkcityIf you live in NY, or love NY, you need to follow Liz now. Fresh off just finishing her bachelor's degree at NYU, in media, culture and communication, she was named partner at The Mobile Media Lab. Eswein has worked with everyone from Nike to T-Mobile to Lucky Magazine. Also, Delta paid the Instagramer to shoot the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden (the airline was sponsoring the game). Can I say how jealous I am? Followers: 891K

5 Erika Bearman - @OscarPRGirl

Erika Bearman - @OscarPRGirlIf you’re in love with fashion and looking to somehow get into that world, then you really need to follow the account of Erika Bearman. Erika is the Director of Communication for Oscar de la Renta. Her profile features snaps of outfits, behind the scenes at shows, catwalk shots and teasers such as "potential discards." Followers: 207K

6 @JamieOliver

@JamieOliverMmm, get ready to be hungry! Jamie Oliver’s Instagram doesn’t focus exclusively on food, but it makes up the majority of the content on there. With each food picture, comes a description and where to find the whole recipe. The page has photos of finished dishes, raw ingredients, other foodies, fresh produce and also photos from his restaurants. Followers: 1.3M

7 @Koci

@KociFor the lovers of photography, this is a great account to follow as Koci has been gaining popularity. The majority of the photos uploaded are in black and white, which provides a contrast to most of the photos you normally see on Instagram. Following the account, you’ll be amazed that you can achieve this type of photography just through an iPhone. Followers: 171K

There are so many people that you should follow on Instagram that it is hard to narrow it down! Do you have a fave person you follow? Or what about your own account, should it be on this list?

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