7 Incredible People You Should Follow on Instagram ...

My friends are always giving me lists of people you should follow on Instagram. I love this app, as does everyone else in the world - you could say I’m addicted. There are many, many great people on this social media sharing app, but who to follow is always the question. Some may think this list has people who are boring, and some will think it's great. This is a list of people you should follow on Instagram, according to me!

1. @Oprah

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The TV Queen tops my list of people you should follow on Instagram because I mean, it’s Oprah. Her page is filled with behind the scenes photos of her latest movies, her talk show and her life. Who doesn’t want an insight on how this woman lives? Not only does Oprah do great things for her community and the world, but she easily invites us into her life through her Instagram. Followers: 1.7M

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