Kudos to Keira for Taking a Stand ...

Though 2014 will certainly go down in history as the Year of Leaked Celeb Pics, there's a photo of Keira Knightley making headlines that wasn't part of an assault on her privacy, but rather part of a statement about something she sees as a terrible standard in the media.

She posed for the photo in Interview magazine, sans shirt, with one condition: that it not be retouched in any way. And what seems like a reasonable request is actually quite shocking, much more shocking than the photo itself. Because Keira's no stranger to the epidemic of Ridiculous Retouching, having been "enlarged" and airbrushed for paparazzi pics and movie posters for years.

But why? It's not realistic, and it's just not necessary. The photo is NSFW, of course, but it's perfectly lovely without the smoothing, shaping, airbrushing, and more.

Kudos to you, Keira. We adore you!

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