Lena Dunham Urges Females to Vote with Planned Parenthood Campaign ...

By Vanessa

Lena's always been very vocal about being pro-women. She's teamed up with Planned Parenthood Action Fund's 'Women Are Watching' campaign to urge every female to empower themselves by going out and voting on November 4th.

“When you show up to the polls, you empower yourself, you empower the women you love, and you take control of your own body back from politicians who don’t want the best for you,” she says in the video. See what else she had to say:

Also in the campaign, Lena and Planned Parenthood are selling some special t-shirts to help encourage women to vote! Some of Lena's famous friends have taken selfies wearing the special signature edition "Lena <3 Planned Parenthood" shirt:

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Sara Quin

Sara Quin "It's Sara Quin and... Sara Quin! @teganandsara #womenarewatching #weheartplannedparenthood #canadiansdoitwell"



Retta "Ladies and gentleman, it's @unforettable! #womenarewatching #weheartplannedparenthood"


Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann "Couldn't pick just one of the beauty known as Leslie Mann, so here are three #lesliemann #juddapatow #irisapatow #weheartplannedparenthood"


Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler "The angel known as Knope #amypoehler #womenarewatching #weheartplannedparenthood"


America Ferrera

America Ferrera "Goddamn, America Ferrera, you slay me #womenarewatching #weheartplannedparenthood"

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling The inimitable @mindykaling, a beloved voice for women and an angel in pink #iamwatching2014 #weheartplannedparenthood"


Ellen Page

Ellen Page "More bold brave models tomorrow... But dream of Ellen Page tonight"


Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones "And Rashida Jones!!! #womenarewatching #weheartplannedparenthood"


Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles "Oh lord it's Sara Bareilles... #womenarewatching #weheartplannedparenthood"


Jemima Kirke

Jemima Kirke "And how about Jemima Kirke and her beautiful babies standing for Planned Parenthood #womenarewatching #weheartplannedparenthood"

To see which other celebrities are supporting Lena and the campaign, check out Lena's Instagram account @lenadunham. You can pre-order your own shirt at marketplace.plannedparenthood.org. All proceeds will be going to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. For more info on the Women Are Watching campaign, go to womenarewatching.org!

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How pro-women is it to fight and demand we be treated equally and have our voices heard, yet, we go back and judge fellow women because she's doing what's best for her?

I'm a women. But planned parenthood is not pro women if a large part of their business is gained by killing women. Girls who are helpless and can't defend themselves. Is that pro women? To say killing a baby girl is okay just because she's not born yet and therefore helpless?

Why do we care what Lena loves?

Just to be clear... I am not advocating for killing fetus'. But it is not charged as murder. It is charged as fetal homicide and carries a very different sentence. Also, each state had their own laws to determine at what stage a fetus is a baby. Some say at conception, others have taken it to the 20 week mark.

Planned parenthood is the worst idea to get behind. It isn't about pro women. It's about KILLING A HUMAN BEING! If a pregnant women is murdered (in any trimester) the murderer gets charged with two murders, not one. So ABORTION = MURDER!

Lena heart planned parenthood- how narcissistic is that?!?

I read this so discouraged thinking wow all these women are pro-choice?! And then posing in pictures with their children?! It was encouraging to read a couple other pro-lifer comments. Being a powerful woman doesn't mean shouldn't mean having the power to end their child's life.

Since most mof the pro choice women out there are ignorant, I'm sure you wouldn't realize that the women who founded planned parenthood Margaret Sanger was a complete racist who only founded planned parenthood to lessen the population of babies born by African Americans or Hispanics etc... Sangers view on African Americans/immigrants, "human weeds, reckless breeders, spawning human beings who's should've never been born."

Why does everyone call it pro choice? Isn't it really pro death? That you can choose to end the life of your child!

Planned Parenthood provides a lot of important services. Even if you don't agree with women who choose to have abortions, you can support Planned Parenthood for giving low cost cancer screenings, well-woman exams, STD testing, birth control, and counseling.