7 Most Outrageous and Unconventional Women of Our Time ...


Who are the most outrageous women of our time? History contains many examples of scandalous women, and although it's hard for anyone to cause a real scandal in this day and age - think of women like Wallis Simpson or Josephine Baker - some celebrities still manage to grab the headlines. Here are some of the most outrageous women of our time …

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Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers One of the most outrageous women of the modern era is the late Joan Rivers. She didn't hold back her acid tongue; with Joan you knew what to expect and that's what you got. Let's not forget that when Joan first began on TV, there weren't many female comedians - and certainly none as brash as her. Like her or not, her recent death makes TV a little less colorful.



Madonna Growing old gracefully is definitely not Madonna's motto. She does exactly what she likes regardless of what people think of her, and isn't shy about what she shows on stage. Her fondness for dating men half her age may disturb some, but when male celebrities get away with dating women decades younger, why shouldn't Madonna (and others) do the same?


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus I'm not fond of Miley's antics, which seem like she's trying much too hard to shock. A truly scandalous woman breaks boundaries, and Miley's isn't really treading new territory in her attempts to wipe out memories of her years as a child star. But in terms of filling outraged column inches, she's certainly succeeding. Will she carry on seeking attention for her behavior rather than her talent?


Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor created plenty of scandal in her day. Her multiple marriages, divorces, tempestuous relationship with Richard Burton, and jewellery collection (including massive diamonds) ensured plenty of headlines, and are still talked about today. People still can't believe that she was married eight times!


Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith Anna Nicole Smith caused quite a stir when, aged 26, she married an octogenarian billionaire. She stayed in the news as she fought (and failed) to claim part of her husband's estate, until her own early death just months after the death of her son and the birth of her daughter. Even seven years after her death, she's still talked about as an example of celebrity scandals.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan If anyone ever proved the old adage 'Don't put your daughter on the stage,' it's Lindsay Lohan. Will the former child star ever outlive her adult notoriety? The prospects seem slim, as Lindsay continues to gather attention for her unreliability on set and her offstage antics.


Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell The phone-throwing supermodel is notorious for her diva disposition. She's often in the press for her brushes with the law and lawsuits by former employees who have fallen foul of her volcanic temper. It doesn't seem as though she'll calm down as she gets older, so watch for flying phones!

There will always be scandalous women, because we love to hear about them. The most interesting ones shock because of their daring and courage; it's harder to cause an outrage now, but there are plenty who try (perhaps the next scandal will be a female singer actually covering up!). Who do you think is the most scandalous and outrageous woman of our time?

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Each of these women can claim they are acting as individuals they have the "freedom" to do this and they are most probably "feminists" this is what happens when you have too much freedom no one can actually say these women are "unconventional" because they don't have to do what women did back then because now women have more rights, more rights to walk around naked and acting like sluts these are the rights they fight for this is what being a feminist is these days! These are the women our children look up to not the women who actually make a difference to other people :) that's just my opinion all these women are cheap and pretty lame if you ask me!

Amanda Bynes is mentally I'll and just needs help, she does not belong on this list. lady gaga though should have been on here though

They forget marylin monroe! She pulled of a lot

What about people who have actually made a drastic difference to society and people's lives?

Gaga? Rihanna ??? Miley tame compared to them

Miley definitely doesn't belong on this list

How about anjelena joline way better than miley

Amanda bynes?

I agree w Cee vee

Lena Dunham?

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