7 Love Lessons We Can All Learn from Beyonce and Jay Z ...

Tiffani Cordner

7 Love Lessons We Can All Learn from Beyonce and Jay Z ...

Love Beyonce and Jay Z? If you answered yes, you'll definitely enjoy guest contributor Tiffnista's post on the love lessons we can learn from this awesome couple!

As one of the hottest celebrity couples in the world, we can definitely take a page from their book on love and romance. With Baby Blue as princess, this couple has managed to keep their love strong after twelve years together. With no signs of slowing down, here are seven love lessons we can all learn from Bey and Jay to keep our relationships A-List and intact.

1 They Keep Things Private

Aside from what they choose to show the world, for the most part, Beyonce and Jay Z have kept most of their ten plus year union pretty quiet. When the couple first started dating they walked red carpets and refused to address the status of their relationship during interviews. While we may not have to take things THAT far, keeping the important parts of your relationship private can prevent any unnecessary drama(and insight) from creeping in.

2 They Work Well Together

When it comes to working with your partner, the work/personal balance is certainly not for everyone. The possibility of a things going wrong and that awkward «water cooler» moment is enough to make anyone squirm. However, in the event that working well with your partner does turn out well- the results can work out better than expected. Beyonce and Jay Z have not only shown that they work well together- but when these two get together musically? The results are pure magic! Keep in mind though, that while these two work well together they also work well alone as well, establishing their careers as solo artists first and collaborators second.

3 They Built a Solid Foundation/friendship

Any couple who wants to make it work knows that in order to have a great relationship there are a couple of «musts» that should be there: respect, communication, and honesty. Beyonce and Jay Z also made it a point to add in a few of their own «musts». Friendship and a solid foundation was something that seemed to be very important for the two as they both have shown that being friends first and getting to know one another and date was what built such an unbreakable bond. Beyonce has even been quoted as saying Jay is her best friend. If you want to build a relationship that will last- having that bond and taking that time to really get to know your partner is a MUST! At the end of the day you want someone who you can laugh and grow old together with, so really liking the person for who they are is important.

4 They Keep the Romance

Even though Beyonce and Jay Z are celebrities they both always make it a point to keep the romance and playfulness alive. On stage, they share intimate glances and laughs, in private the couple is often pictured cuddled up, looking into each other’s eyes and flirting with each other. They have their romantic getaways and even with Beyonce on a world tour, the singer released photos of her and Jay out on date night at a restaurant drinking wine and laughing showing that they are still head over heels in love with each other.

5 They Are Each Other’s Biggest Supporters

Beyonce is often seen rocking out to Jay’s music. Jay is often seen cheering on Beyonce at her performances. Both Bey and Jay know that the support of a partner is important and shows just how much you care and the two spare no expense when it comes to dishing out support.

6 They Know How to Balance

Beyonce and Jay are some of the busiest people in the world. They both run multi-million dollar companies and are first time parents and yet we are all left wondering how do they do it all? Both Beyonce and Jay have the 24 hours in a day as anyone else and while they do have help they have both shown that at the end of the day keeping things balanced is all about hard work. They know what they can and can’t do in a day and they compromise.

7 They Don’t Try to Be like Anyone else but Themselves

Beyonce is Beyonce. Jay Z is Jay Z. Both Bey and Jay have taken the time not only to establish themselves as individuals but make sure that the world knows that the couple is unique, different and original. Never one to copy or mimic- they have managed to keep their authenticity with their fans and within their relationship because they not only know who they are , they know who they aren’t and they don’t apologize for it- they embrace it.

Beyonce and Jay Z are the modern day version of a King and Queen. The pair has turned their one of a kind love story into a fairytale. We all can definitely learn a thing or two from the power couple as they show us firsthand how it’s done.