7 Most Stylish Women to Emulate ...

Some of the most stylish women to emulate for your own personal style may be a surprise. Some of the most stylish women to emulate are not the thinnest, wealthiest, or most glamorous. But thatโ€™s not what true style is, is it? Style is something that comes from within, and exudes out to the world.

1. Rita Moreno

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If you donโ€™t know who this is, or not well enough, run, jump, and leap to your Netflix, RedBox, or good old DVD rental store right away. As one of the main scene-stealing actors in West Side Story, Rita Moreno is a powerful singer, graceful and energetic dancer (think of a Puerto Rican female Gene Kelly), lyrical actress, and one of the most phenomenal women to emulate. Moreno is also one of only a handful of performers in the world who are EGOTs: an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winner. More than this is Morenoโ€™s personal style. She is classy, vibrant, intelligent (her memoir is hypnotizing), and has an energy which draws you in, even through the lens of a camera. Moreno is also age-defying. At 80+, she is still working for the love of her art, and is in better shape than many half her age. Hereโ€™s to the octogenarians!

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