7 Most Stylish Women to Emulate ...

Some of the most stylish women to emulate for your own personal style may be a surprise. Some of the most stylish women to emulate are not the thinnest, wealthiest, or most glamorous. But that’s not what true style is, is it? Style is something that comes from within, and exudes out to the world.

1. Rita Moreno

If you don’t know who this is, or not well enough, run, jump, and leap to your Netflix, RedBox, or good old DVD rental store right away. As one of the main scene-stealing actors in West Side Story, Rita Moreno is a powerful singer, graceful and energetic dancer (think of a Puerto Rican female Gene Kelly), lyrical actress, and one of the most phenomenal women to emulate. Moreno is also one of only a handful of performers in the world who are EGOTs: an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winner. More than this is Moreno’s personal style. She is classy, vibrant, intelligent (her memoir is hypnotizing), and has an energy which draws you in, even through the lens of a camera. Moreno is also age-defying. At 80+, she is still working for the love of her art, and is in better shape than many half her age. Here’s to the octogenarians!