Obama on Mythbusters ...

By Yusuf

Obama on Mythbusters ...

Looks like Barack Obama has found a way to lose his supporters even in the pre-teen section! He appeared on Mythbusters earlier today to try and promote math and science amongst the kids!

As with the rest of us, the president of the United States was hoping to see something blow up, "which is always cool", as he said, but also had a bigger, more important agenda.

"Nothing's more important to our country's future than getting young people engaged in math and science," Obama told Mythbusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, in the White House library.

"A lot of the challenges we face as a country are going to depend on how engaged young people are with science, and so I'm just thrilled that you guys do such a great job making it fun."

"Now, I do know this," Obama continued. "Science requires a lot of trial and error. Part of what Mythbusters is about is testing out various hypotheses, and I think we've got a big one that hasn't been thoroughly tested."

Popular or not, you must admit that this is one president who's sowing the seeds for a brighter future for the US of A!

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