9 of the Worst Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time ...


Many of us look to celebrity hairstyles for inspiration when deciding to change our own hair, but there are definitely some A-list styles you wouldn't want to copy! Here are some of the worst celebrity hairstyles of all time, just so you know what to avoid asking for on your next visit to the salon...

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Miley chopped off her flowing locks into a cropped, peroxide blonde 'do a while ago, and whilst the style does suit her face shape, it's a far less feminine style. It isn't as soft and flattering, making it top of my list of the worst celebrity hairstyles.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga For the record, shaving a strange triangle shape into the back of your head and then having it tattooed isn't flattering or particularly attractive. Lady Gaga is known for her weird and wonderful styles, but this isn't one most of us would want to try!


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson Scarlett is always perfectly groomed and usually channeling old-Hollywood glamour, but in 2013 she stepped out with this strange, messy mullet-like hairdo. Not only does it make her look rather boyish, the blonde shade is rather unflattering too. Avoid the mullet at all costs unless you want to look cheap and dated!


Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson In 2013, Pammy swapped her trademark, flowing blonde locks (that made her so famous on the set of Baywatch) for a rather odd, cropped pixie cut that just makes her look like a boy. We miss the old Pammy with her glamorous blonde curls - bring her back!


Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Back when Nicole was just Paris Hilton's sidekick, her hair was sadly lacking in style - this multi-colored, straggly disaster wasn't one of her best looks. The color is terrible and the style is wrong too - let's hope these were hair extensions!


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer is usually seen sporting sleek, glossy locks or full curls, but this bobbed style with huge curls is just all wrong - it's almost comical. If you're going to curl your hair, don't do it like this! There's just too much of everything going on here; too much volume and too many curls and it's just terrible!


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Poor Mariah is known for her fashion disasters and this hairstyle is definitely one to be avoided. Unless you're 10 years old, a high, side ponytail is a definite no! Let's not forget that Mariah was 30 when she tried this style out...


Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis Rumer is known for her dark features and hair and this photograph is the perfect example of what not to do with your long, dark hair. Don't even consider bleaching it a cheap shade of peroxide blonde. And definitely don't crop it off into a buzzed, boyish cut. Rumer's eyebrows clash with her new 'do and there's nothing flattering or glamorous about this boyish style!



Rihanna Even gorgeous, cool women like Rihanna get it wrong sometimes. I think this was one of her worst styles - the shaved sides and strangely shaped top almost make the style look like a wig. She's had some great hairstyles over the years, but this is doing nothing for her!

Even celebrities can have bad hair days, so the next time you're feeling blue about your barnet, or considering a change of style, just look at some of these celebrity hair disasters, and you're sure to feel better! What's the worst hairstyle you've ever had?

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I love Miley Cyrus!! And her hair is Amazing it fits her personality

I love Miley's short hair, it really fits her!

i dont know how miley sees it but it looks really crap on her! i dnt like her at all

I agree with them all except Miley. She looks great. I love any woman who can cut their hair it shows a special confidence and it also shows a shedding period we all go through

I love J-Los hair but shouldn't have her bangs pulled back

i believe that the person who made this article is just really into long hair. honestly, i liked miley's hair. so her being #1 on your list seems kind of biased. she didn't cut her hair for you, she cut it for herself.

I loved miley's long hair,but she wants to get off her Hannah Montana style,I think is good for her,and she rocks it!

Hmmm why are most of these reasons "doesn't look feminine enough" or "short hair"

this list is awful. there's nothing wrong with short hair.

I think Miley's hair looks great on her. It's much better than her same old, same old style she used to wear. It's so easy to blend in to what everyone else is doing and I love to see women brave enough to defy the gender roles that have been set for us. I also think Pamela Anderson looks great! She looks classy and more mature. It's a little ridiculous to be 75 years old and still trying to be a bimbo, sex symbol, so I love to see women who gracefully embrace their age and the beauty that comes in all ages instead of trying to blend into the sex appeal of the shallow. Having short hair does not make one "boyish", I see a lot of women with short hair who are still absolutely stunning and all I focus on is the beautiful features of their face, as opposed to their hairstyle. To sum it up, you might want to reflect on your ideas of femininity and catch up with the times. The world is changing, and thankfully we don't have to be barefoot and pregnant anymore, so I think it's safe to assume that cutting off a few locks doesn't change someone's beauty anymore either. :)

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