7 Quirkiest Paloma Faith Outfits That We Adore ...


7 Quirkiest Paloma Faith Outfits That We Adore ...
7 Quirkiest Paloma Faith Outfits That We Adore ...

British singer-songwriter and actress Paloma Faith is probably as well known for her quirky fashion sense as she is for her talent; there are loads of great Paloma Faith outfits that I absolutely adore! Whilst her unusual sense of style isn't to everyone's taste, there's no denying that these Paloma Faith outfits are a little bit quirky and off the wall - they're definitely not something you'd want to wear everyday!

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Red Prom Dress

Red Prom Dress Paloma wore this quirky, retro 1950s style prom dress to perform in Texas in Spring 2013 - I think it looks great, and her vintage hairstyle and jewellery just add to the glamor of the look! This is one of my favorite Paloma Faith outfits.


Gold Skirt

Gold Skirt Many celebs wouldn't dream of turning up to an awards ceremony looking like this, but that's part of the reason why we Brits love Paloma Faith so much - her fashion sense is totally fearless! Whilst people have been known to question her sanity due to the way she dresses, I think she looks great in this gold number with its ruffled skirt and intricately detailed top - and her hair!


She really stands out from the typical red carpet parade, dripping in glamour with her unique British eccentricity. Her ability to pull off such a bold statement piece is enviable. It's that shimmering metallic sheen that catches the light with every step, commanding attention. Completing the look with minimal accessories ensures that the skirt remains the star of the show. Whether you're in awe or in disbelief, one can't help but admire Paloma's confidence and the distinct personality she brings to fashion. It's joyous self-expression, and isn't that what style is all about?


Southern Belle Dress

Southern Belle Dress I totally love this Paloma Faith outfit - it has a hint of 'Gone with the Wind' and feels totally Southern Belle to me. The black dress, hat and Mary Janes combination just looks gorgeous against her red hair - quirky yet very cool!


Glitter Jumpsuit

Glitter Jumpsuit Not one of my favorite of Paloma's outfits, but definitely a quirky one! She wore this tangerine glittery jumpsuit to the St Trinian's premier, along with sparkly red Dorothy shoes and a strange Aztec design orange bolero/cape. The clash with her red hair makes this outfit really stand out - definitely an odd choice, but a bold one!


Hippo Frock

Hippo Frock Probably not something I'd choose to wear myself, but Paloma's outfit to V-Festival was certainly unique! Her Hippo frock with red ankle-strap heels and a slightly odd headpiece, teamed with vintage shades and gold earrings is definitely one of the stranger things she's worn - I applaud her style!


Tim Burton-esque Striped Outfit

Tim Burton-esque Striped Outfit I can't decide if she looks like an extra from a Tim Burton movie (I'm a huge fan), a zebra or a giant candy cane, but overall I quite like this look. A red and white striped dress cinched in with a waist belt and a rather jaunty black jacket bring out the red of her hair and look rather unusual for a day of shopping!


Multi-colored Tights

Multi-colored Tights This '60s retro inspired outfit baffles me - there's so much going on that I don't know where to look first! From the retro zebra to the bright yellow tights to the Christmas-themed skirt, strange mittens and patriotic jacket, it's all a bit too much! I love this picture of Paloma as it really shows off her fun, creative approach to fashion - she's definitely a quirky girl.

Love her style or loathe it, there's no denying that Paloma Faith has some truly unusual outfits - but what do you really think of her style? Do you think she's crazy, or just taking an alternative approach to fashion?

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