7 Reasons I'm Obsessed with Adam Lambert ...

I admit it, I am obsessed with the fiercely talented Adam Lambert. I’ve never really been a fangirl before, so this was a new experience for me. Oh sure, there are many singers I like of both genders, but Adam just has a way of drawing you in that I find irresistible. I know Adam Lambert doesn’t get a lot of radio play and there might be a lot of you that don’t realize just how good this guy is. I hope you’ll check out some of his music and you’ll quickly see why I’m crazy about him, and why he has over 2 million Twitter followers.

1. That Voice

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The first time I heard Adam Lambert sing was during his American Idol audition. I liked his voice immediately but at that time I had no idea I was listening to a lyrical coloratura tenor with a 3 octave range! I was so enthralled with that voice that I searched YouTube for anything and everything he ever sang. I was treated to some sensational videos from this sexy singer. I’m real glad Adam is doing some Glee guest spots so more people can be introduced to his amazing voice. I like his original songs, but I must admit I loved his covers on A.I. and I love them on Glee as well.

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