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There is no denying that she is one of the most beautiful women ever to have lived, but there are many other reasons Marilyn Monroe is a great role model. There is controversy surrounding her role model status, but to me there is no doubt that the things she achieved within her short lifetime are seriously amazing. These points will hopefully teach you something about this wonderful lady and show you the reasons Marilyn Monroe is a great role model to not only me, but so many other women!

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She Survived a Difficult Childhood

Marilyn Monroe grew up in a very unhealthy home environment, with a mentally unstable mother and no father. Eventually, Marilyn’s mother sent her away to live in a string of foster homes. While staying in these foster homes she was sexually abused and nearly smothered to death. Despite all of this, however, she emerged as the amazing talent, becoming what many people regard as the world’s most beautiful woman, and this just one of the many reasons Marilyn Monroe is a great role model.


Marilyn Monroe is a great role model for many reasons. Not only did she survive a difficult childhood, but she also went on to become one of the world’s most iconic and beloved celebrities.

Marilyn was born Norma Jeane Mortenson in 1926. Her mother, Gladys, was mentally unstable and her father was not in the picture. Marilyn was sent to live in a series of foster homes and was sexually abused and nearly smothered to death. Despite this, she was determined to make something of her life.

Marilyn was a talented actress and model, appearing in over 30 films and becoming a major Hollywood star. She was also a successful businesswoman, launching her own production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions. Her beauty, talent, and charisma made her an international sensation.

Marilyn was an advocate for women's rights and was an early supporter of the civil rights movement. She was also an advocate for mental health awareness, speaking out about her own struggles with depression and anxiety.

Marilyn Monroe was a talented singer, releasing her first single, "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend," in 1953. She also wrote books, including her autobiography, My Story.


She Broke through the Stereotypes

There was nothing Marilyn Monroe hated more than being stereotyped as a ‘dumb blonde.’ In fact, she hated it so much that she refused to be cast in any more of those roles and walked out on her film contract! Not to mention that she was very far from a ‘dumb blonde’ - Marilyn was very smart and well read, and eventually she became the third woman in history to start her own production company. She did the inspiring thing and refused to sit back and let people label her!


Marilyn's intelligence and desire to be seen for more than her looks fueled her ambition. She challenged the norms of her era, proving that women could be both beautiful and intellectually powerful. By co-founding Marilyn Monroe Productions, she not only took control of her career, but also opened doors for other women in Hollywood to do the same. With a library of over 400 books, her love for literature and continuous self-education made her a silhouette of sophistication in an industry that underestimated her depth.


She Fought Depression Head-on

When faced with the horrible fact that she had depression, Marilyn Monroe tried hard to keep going about her life. Even when it became difficult to go on set to film a movie, she never gave up, and continued to make movies which wowed critics and won the hearts of the public. Depression is never an easy thing to overcome, but Marilyn Monroe did all she could to try and fight it, and that is admirable.


Marilyn Monroe's approach to handling her depression was both brave and inspiring. By persisting in her career despite her struggles, she set a powerful example of resilience. Her willingness to seek help and discuss her challenges openly broke societal taboos and paved the way for open discussions on mental health issues. Marilyn's legacy teaches us about the importance of self-care and seeking support when needed, reinforcing that strength isn't just about enduring, but also about asking for help when it's necessary.


She Was Generous, Selfless and Kind-Hearted

Many charities benefited from Marilyn Monroe’s generosity, such as The Arthritis Foundation, the MS Association, The USO and many more, including a lot of anonymous donations she made to various orphanages. Marilyn knew what it was like to grow up in a difficult childhood, and truly wanted to make the lives of other people happy, which is just so lovely! She also adored children and animals and was always polite to anyone she came across.


Marilyn's heartwarming empathy extended beyond her charitable donations. Performing for troops in Korea with the USO highlighted her dedication to bringing joy and morale during challenging times. Even her will reflected her thoughtful nature, bequeathing funds to ensure her mentally ill mother received proper care. She famously said, "We should all start to live before we get too old." Marilyn embraced this philosophy not just in her own life, but in her efforts to enrich the lives of others, demonstrating that compassion and kindness are truly timeless virtues.


She Was an Advocate of Civil Rights

When Ella Fitzgerald was refused from singing at the Mocambo nightclub in Hollywood simply because of her race, Marilyn Monroe became furious and personally called the owner. She demanded that Ella Fitzgerald be booked immediately, and that if she was, then Marilyn would sit at the front table every single night. Knowing what kind of press that would create, the owner booked Ella Fitzgerald, Marilyn sat on the front table every night, and after that Ella never had to play in a small club again - she became a superstar, and rightly so! Marilyn refused to witness injustice, particularly when it came to discrimination against someone’s race.


She Changed the Way Sex Was Viewed

Marilyn Monroe is known for being a sex symbol, but she also managed to dramatically change the way people viewed sex in society. Because of her, it was no longer something to be ashamed of - she showed that sex could be fun and cheeky, and encouraged women to celebrate their bodies and be comfortable with who they were. Marilyn Monroe showed that you could show off your sexuality while still being completely self-respecting.


Through her openness and confidence, Marilyn Monroe broke taboos of the conservative 1950s and '60s, embodying a progressive attitude towards female sexuality. She was a pioneer in suggesting that women should not be confined by societal expectations or double standards regarding sexual behavior. Her legacy continues to inspire women to embrace their desires without guilt or judgement, proving that sexuality and intelligence are not mutually exclusive. Monroe's unabashed demeanor paved the way for future discussions about sex positive feminism and the right for all individuals to express their sexuality freely.


She Spoke out about Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse was certainly not a talked-about issue during Marilyn Monroe’s time, so when she came out to say that she had been sexually abused, there were very mixed reactions. Most people mocked her, and refused to believe her, and lots of people believe that this is how her battle with depression started. However, despite all of this, she didn’t keep her abuse a secret, and succeeded in showing other women that had been sexually abused that they were not alone.

I could go on forever about why Marilyn Monroe is one of my role models, but these points sum it up pretty well. To me, she was an amazing, talented, strong woman who inspires me and so many other women on a day to day basis, and that deserves to be celebrated! Who is your number one role model?

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I'm sorry but Marilyn Monroe is not a role model. She was woman who loved sex, money, and drugs. That is not a role model. You people have crazy moral values if you pick this tramp as a role model. You don't have to be ashamed of your body. But you should have some dignity to keep it wrapped up for the man your going to spend your life with. Promiscuous people is the reason why there are so many STDs in the world today. Keep your legs closed and your bosoms in your shirt. You can be sexy without flaunting it about for everyone to see. Men like to wife a woman that knows how to be sexy in other ways like with the smile of your eye or butting sexy on a pen or the way you hold your lips. Not the way other men can have at you when ever they want.

@Whitney Johnson Psh, shouldn't be put in the category of a role model? Sweety, in what world is any role model perfect? In what world has ANY person considered a role model had done no wrong doings in their life? Regardless of all her wrong doings, SHE DID A LOT OF GOOD, SHE HELPED PEOPLE OUT A LOT. That's what a role model is about; being a strong, courteous, persistent successful person who stand behinds their beliefs regardless their personal problems. She had a lot of issues but did it stop her from helping others out? No. This woman has done so much role model like things so why belittle her because she was a little selfish? Who isn't once in a great while. Every role model has something shitty about them, EVERY human being does. you don't even know them personally for all you know your role model probably has made horrible mistakes behind closed doors too. It's life. I was sexually abused too and I don't take drugs either yet I don't go about telling people they're in the wrong because they do. What the hell? They have issues and like I said we ALL have different ways of dealing with them. She had access to drugs and alcohol and if it made her feel good of course she loved it. Who doesn't love forgetting hurtful pastimes be it a hobby you do, or someone your with, or yeah sadly drugs? People who turn to drugs love a horrible life it's sad. you don't know what went through her mind and you don't know how hard it is. I know plenty of people who turned to drugs because thy couldn't take pain they dealt with and let me tell you their mind wasn't straight and they just needed some help but didn't want to ask for it. Sure there are tons of other "role models" but why should it matter to you who others choose to look up to. No one tells you shit about who your role model is, so who are you to say who should and shouldn't be a role model?

She's truly an inspiration for every women

Not a role model. Sorry.

Loving your body has nothing to do with sleeping around! Her being a sex symbol does not make her a good role model.

Oh dear lord you people are so ignorant. Y'all act like role models are supposed to be perfect/innocent. That's preposterous. You act like they're not supposed to be humans or something. Regardless of all her flaws/troubles she did help a lot of people out. Every single person has a reasoning behind their problematic actions. Call her a druggie all you want and while I may not be for drugs, some people turn to them when they have major issues. Obviously she did, she went through a lot and everyone has different ways of trying to heal. She didn't have any guidance in life, I can relate to her when it comes to a lot of the things she went through. It's hard growing up with no guidance. that causes some major emotional and mental damage. She had no guidance. It's a hard thing to deal with but oh no you all go around calling people all these names without ever really knowing why they're like that and why they're doing such things. You don't know a persons issue, we all have them and we all have different ways to recover. we all make mistakes too.

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