7 Fantastic Reasons to Love Rachel McAdams ...

There are so many incredible reasons to love Rachel McAdams. I mean, what's there NOT to love?! She's an incredible actress with one of the kindest souls in Hollywood. I'm positive that her career will become one that other young actresses aspire to have! She's great at what she does and that's really refreshing to see. Check out some of the reasons to love Rachel McAdams! If you're a big fan of hers, feel free to share the different reasons why you love her in the comments section!

1. She's Gorgeous

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It's honestly not even fair how beautiful this woman is. When she gets glammed up for a red carpet event, there's just no way you can keep your eyes off of her. She's definitely got one of those faces that the camera just loves. She commands the attention in any scene and that just proves how awesome of an actress she is. P.S. how does she never look like she's aged?! Her good looks are just one of the reasons to love Rachel McAdams.

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