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There are so many fantastic reasons to love Maia Mitchell. She's on an ABC Family hit show, danced alongside R5's Ross Lynch in Disney Channel's "Teen Beach Movie," and is pretty much the epitome of "cool." I love how humble she is - how often do you see that in Hollywood? Check out some of the fantastic reasons to love Maia Mitchell. Let me know what your favorite thing about her is!

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The Fosters

If you haven't gotten on "The Fosters" band-wagon, you should probably start now. It's ABC Family's hit show and the acting in it is phenomenal. I really like the show because it touches upon topics that most shows shy away from, such as the whole "foster kid" thing. Maia's said that she has a deep love for the show and what it's all about. This is just one of the reasons to love Maia Mitchell!


She's Gorgeous

When Maia gets glammed up for red carpet events, it's not even fair how pretty she looks. I mean, really. She's gorgeous and the best part about her is that she's also beautiful on the inside. She just radiates positivity, which is really refreshing to see.


Her Hilarious Tweets

Maia's constantly posting behind-the-scenes pictures from The Fosters' set with some pretty hilarious captions. She even live-tweets through most episodes, which is pretty cool to watch. Whenever she's not tweeting about the show, she's posting cute selfies with friends, which only makes you wish YOU were with friends with her, too.


She's Genuine

Maia's become very successful but she hasn't let the fame get to her head. She doesn't feel like she's "too cool for school" and I love that about her. She always keeps it real and stays humble, which is kind of rare nowadays. She always seems like someone you'd want to have as a best friend!


She Loves Her Fans

One of the most lovable things about Maia Mitchell is her adoration for her fans. She truly is grateful for their continuous support and always makes it known by interacting with her fans via social media. She's constantly tweeting sweet things and just comes off as a humble girl - someone who considers her fans to be more like her friends, and that's awesome.


She's Australian

I don't know about you, but I find Australian accents (along with all others) extremely awesome. She's said that she's trying really hard to keep her Aussie accent because, "My mum would totally kill me if I had an American accent!" LOL! Maia even tweets about on-set "culture-clashes," which I think is pretty funny.


She's Insanely Talented

In case you didn't already know, Maia sings, acts, and dances. Yup, triple threat. When she was asked about her talents, she said, “I did dancing growing up, for fun and for myself. I never get competitive with it – it’s the same with music. I do it because I love and I enjoy it, no other reason!” I'd love to hear her put out some music. Her co-star, Cierra Ramirez, is also a singer. Can you imagine all the on-set jam sessions?

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many fantastic reasons you should love Maia Mitchell. I have no doubt that this girl will be taking over Hollywood in the very near future. What's your favorite thing about Maia?

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What I like about Maia is that she started out as an unknown Aussie actress on a tv show called "Mortified" (Anyone remembering her as Brittany?) and became more and more famous over the last few years. Even though her fame is increasing a lot, she seems to remain down to earth. Following her instagram you can see the way she dresses when she's not at work. It seems like she's not wearing make-up and mostly wears comfortable clothes representing her own unique fashion style. There are many celebraties today who wouldn't even consider leaving the house without their expensive designer clothes. I really hope Maia will stay this humble with her career progressing daily.

I LOOOVE Maia. She's SO talented, and pretty, and just perfect.

I like her she played teen beach movie 1&2

She is really pretty!! I

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