7 Reasons to Love the Little Couple ...


7 Reasons to Love the Little Couple ...
7 Reasons to Love the Little Couple ...

If you haven’t had the chance to watch The Little Couple, you are missing out. The Little Couple is about a married couple that is experiencing life in a different way. Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold are little people, but they have not let that hold them back from living life to the fullest. This is one of my absolute favorite shows for the following reasons.

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Will and Zoey

Will and Zoey are Bill and Jennifer’s adopted children and they are absolutely adorable. You will fall in love with Will’s chubby cheeks and Zoey’s gorgeous dark eyes. They just melt your heart. Not only are they cute beyond expression but they are in that adorable toddler stage. It is so fun to watch them from week to week when you watch The Little Couple.


Bill and Jen’s Relationship is Inspiring

I have always loved to watch Bill and Jen interact as a couple. They are very inspiring. It is easy to see they are so in love with one another. They care deeply about one another and are each other’s support and best friend. Watching them together can make you smile.


Jennifer’s Courageous Spirit

Jennifer has recently been through a battle with cancer. It hit her at a very unexpected time, right when her family was coming together as they adopted Zoey. Her attitude throughout her battle with cancer was so courageous. I am sure she had her difficult moments but what I saw was bravery and a determination to continue smiling regardless. I respect her so much for this. It reminds me that, regardless of what is going on in your life, having that kind of attitude is possible and should be what we strive for.


It’s a Fun Show

This show is just fun. I enjoy watching it and enjoy every aspect of it. It also has its comical moments to enjoy. Watching this show is a nice relaxing way to end the day for me. I look forward to Tuesday nights for this reason.


It’s Eye-Opening

Watching this show is very eye-opening. Little people are just like us, in that they desire to live a full and normal life. They have challenges in doing this because our world is not made for little people. But you can watch how Bill and Jennifer make things work for them. It is very interesting.


It is a Family Show

In my opinion, this is a family show. I have never seen any content that I felt uncomfortable with my children watching. However, this is a personal decision each parent will have to make. It is always a good idea to check a show out before you approve it for your children. Watching The Little Couple and another show on TLC is a ritual my daughter and I look forward to sharing each week.


They Are Real

You know, one thing I really love about Bill and Jennifer is that they are real. They share their feelings and thoughts about different situations that they encounter. They share so much of their lives with their viewers and people love that about them. Even in the struggles they have had, they haven’t downplayed them. They share each emotion they are going through and you have to respect them for that.

The Little Couple is a wonderful show in so many ways. Have you had the opportunity to watch it? What do you love about this show?

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this is what tlc channel should be about :) Love this show! and i can relate considering I was adopted from China!

Yes I love it. I never wanna miss an episode

I love them too. I am always ready for the next episode.

I a also love the show! it is very special!!

I've watched this show from the very beginning, it's such an inspiring show. Now their kids make it even more fun to watch, they're so cute!

love them i dvr it so i wouldnt miss it!

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