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7 Reasons Why We Love Will Kate and Why They Are the Perfect Couple ...

By Alicia

There are endless reasons why we love Will and Kate. This young, gorgeous royal couple has not only captured the hearts of the United Kingdom, but the United States as well. In fact, they are well-loved around the world. Let’s dig into some of the biggest reasons why we love Will and Kate.

1 They Are Interesting

Will and Kate are intriguing as individuals and even more so as a couple! I want to know about what they are doing and about all of the events in their life. Many others do as well which is why they have such a large following. Like many others, I care about where they go and what they do, even if it means they are just out for a grocery store run. The fact that they are interesting is just one of the many reasons why we love Will and Kate.

2 They Are Relatable

This royal couple does not seem so different than my husband and I. Okay, so they go to very important events and have hundreds of thousands of people that care about their every move, and that isn’t so similar to us. But there are things about them that I can totally relate to. They enjoy having fun as a couple and love their life together. They care about fashion, especially Kate.

3 They Are Gorgeous People

Who doesn’t love finding out things about the gorgeous people in this world? I want to know how they stay so gorgeous! Perhaps by reading about them, I can find out things like their beauty secrets, where they shop and their favorite beauty products. I would care significantly less about this prestigious and royal couple if they were unattractive. Their gorgeous looks make them a pleasure to look at and learn about.

4 Their Love for One Another is Evident

Don’t you just love the way that the love between Will and Kate is so evident? Am I the only one that thinks this is dreamy? I know others love seeing how they gaze into each other’s eyes, hold hands publicly in spite of all of the eyes constantly upon them, and love laughing together. I believe we all dream of a relationship like this and want our relationship to appear this way to others. Watching them together provides inspiration for my own relationship and yours, too.

5 They Have Style

I could look at page after page of Kate in different styles. When I can sit and look at Kate’s beautiful choices in clothing, it gives me inspiration to put together new clothing combinations. It also makes me want to go on a shopping spree, which might not be so good. Will doesn’t do so badly in the style department, either. Together, they look ultra-fashionable.

6 They Are Athletic

How can I not admire a couple that is so physically fit? I think it is wonderful that we have them as such wonderful role models. They are active and live a healthy lifestyle that can be encouraging to those that love them. And if Will and Kate have such beautiful figures, why wouldn’t others want to do the same things they do? The fact that they are athletic makes us love them more.

7 Their Relationship is Strong

With all of the pressure they must be under, Will and Kate still seem to have an amazingly strong relationship. They have all of the social obligations they must attend and paparazzi scrutinizing their every move, yet they still seem totally zoned in on each other. It makes me think, if Will and Kate are able to have a strong relationship in spite of all that they have coming against them, then we should be able to overcome the obstacles in our path. Granted, the issues in mine and your marriages are significantly different. However, we can have the same determination to remain a strong couple.

Will and Kate will undoubtedly have our attention for years to come because we love them so. What are some reasons you love Will and Kate? Do tell!

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