Ryan Gosling and His Piercing Blue Eyes for GQ Russia ...


Ryan Gosling and His Piercing Blue Eyes for GQ Russia ...
Ryan Gosling and His Piercing Blue Eyes for GQ Russia ...

I must warn you right at the beginning that once I start gushing about the force that is Ryan Gosling, I won't be able to stop. He's just so handsome, funny, witty and HOT without even trying and maybe that's what I love best of all about him. Here he is once again, stealing a piece of my heart in GQ Russia's November issue...
Those eyes just leave me speechless. Love his eyes. Love the ever so slightly messy hair and boy oh boy does he make that suit look good! I also love the film noir–inspired photo spread by Mario Testino which incidentally has appeared in the U.S. version of the magazine earlier this year. Yep, the same pictures twice but is any one complaining? I didn't think so.
Dear Mr. Gosling, that thing between Johnny Depp and I is over. Can I please have you now?
Sigh. This entire photoshoot seems to be one of those where a brilliant idea with a genius photographer with the best possible subject culminate into something that blows your mind. That last shot is my absolute favorite! I love the shadows and the intensity. Isn't Ryan Gosling everything a woman dreams of?! Anyway, what did you ladies think of his amazing photoshoot for GQ Russia?

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Hi May, Sigh. I could stare into them forever.... Thanks for stopping by!

I love Ryan Gosling just as much as you do!! He is so attractive.

AMAZING. Im Russian. He's Ryan Gosling. We're basically made for one another, right?

I HATE the cover one. What the hell?!? His eyes looks deformed. But I love the shadows.

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