7 Things No One Told You about Taylor Swift ...


She’s cute and sassy and loved by millions, but there are probably hundreds of things no one told you about Taylor Swift. Here I am to change all that. I know that I am not going to surprise die-hard fans, but I know that lots of things no one told you about Taylor Swift are going to be totally new to many. Let’s have some fun finding out what you do and do not know.

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Swift's Sort of Blind

If you get a chance to meet her in person and she doesn't seem to notice your presence, no need to take it personally because the chances are she has not seen you at all. It's very much possible because the pop princess is somewhat blind and wears contact lenses. Interestingly, she doesn't mind admitting she's got a really bad eyesight. Is this not one of the things no one told you about Taylor Swift?


She's No Tattoo Fan

Taylor doesn't mind writing messages for fans on her arms during concerts, but the very thought of getting a real tattoo scares her to the core. She has confirmed, though, that if she would have anything as a real tattoo, it would be the number "13," which she believes to be her lucky number.


She Was the First SNL Host to Write Her Own Monologue

Saturday Night Live uses professional writers to handle the monologue, but she was an exception – she came with a hit song called 'My Monologue Song.' She penned this song to poke fun at Kanye West and Joe Jonas – it was humorous but not offensive, and this really showed a different side of this country cutie.


Swift's Pre-Fame Job Wasn't Glamorous

This country singer sure knows how to dominate the country and pop charts, as well as the hearts of people, but it wasn't always like this. Prior to stardom, Taylor had to say yes to a job that wasn't that glamorous and involved many bugs. She worked with the family on a Christmas tree farm, and her job was to knock the praying mantis pods out of the trees. Ugh!


It Runs in the Family

Taylor’s talent is no accident, and even if you'd put her in a time machine in any other era, she'd still have produced a hit record. That's mainly because the singing is in her blood – her maternal grandma, Marjorie Finlay, was a celebrated and accomplished opera singer. Swift says her grandmother was one of her earliest inspirations and she wanted to be a singer after hearing her sing in church.


Swift's Dad Owns 3% of Her Record Label

You may have already seen and read a lot about Taylor Swift's mom, Andrea, but I bet not many of you know much about her father. While many of you may not have a great interest in this, it is definitely one of many things no one told you about Taylor Swift that her father, Scott Swift, owns 3% of the company, Big Machine Records.


Swift is an Award-Winning Poet

Taylor Swift is a honey bun, but she's a lot more than she appears to be. How, you may ask? Well, she's not just a great country singer, but she's an award-winning poet as well. She wrote a poem called 'Monster in My Closet' when she was in the 4th grade. Most of her work is about women, men, boys, girls, and of course, monsters (ex boyfriends), but it seems she was aware of how to write about relationships when she was so young.

Time to fess up! How many of these things about Taylor Swift did you already know? Do you have any little known facts to share?

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I knew none of those !:) hahahah

she's truly amazing! Taylor Perfection Swift! :)

Well, Taylor Swift is most definitely adorable. However, is it her music that makes her so interesting or her drama? With as much as I would like to meet her to compliment her on her success and then proceed to out sing her, I feel an even more urgent need to get her to counseling for her anger issues as well as her tendency to spread her business around like she does. That's still considered trashy in the south and just because you put a bow on trash, it remains trash.

Taylor swift is ok she is kind of boring

Hate taylor swift and your articles

u could do it over a bowl then flush oats down the toilet or strain it and put it in the garbage.

@Isabella no one is perfect. but they can be pretty cool. Taylor is very talented and her songs are amazing

one thing also that u dnt know is that she is a maninizer!

I think it would be nice to include the fact that she's only had 7 boyfriends in her entire life. Media is insane.

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love Taylor Swift! She's awesome!

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