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Lauren Conrad is popular among young women today for many reasons, and there are some wonderful things to learn from Lauren Conrad that I’ve discovered recently. Though I never watched her on television, believe it or not, I have always thought she was classy. Her website, LaurenConrad.com, is also one of the most successful celebrity blogs out there. Not only does she blog about her life, but she gives tips on everything from healthy living to home design and, of course, fashion. Over the last few years, I’ve found some inspiring things to learn from Lauren Conrad just by reading her website alone, and while I may not know her personally, what I do know so far, I like a great deal.

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She’s Classy

One of the ultimate things to learn from Lauren Conrad is she’s classy. She dresses like a lady, you never see her acting out in public, she carries herself like a lady, and also speaks like one. She reminds me of a current day Audrey Hepburn, and no one can argue that she is a wonderful lady to model yourself after.


She’s Balanced

Lauren Conrad is definitely in shape, but she’s not overly skinny, nor does she eat junk. She’s balanced. If you check out her website, you’ll see that she eats lots of healthy foods, isn’t vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, raw, or Paleo. She eats a variety of healthy foods, all from different food groups, and she isn’t afraid to have or make some traditional cookies once in awhile either! She’s balanced, which is something every woman should find inspirational in a world of dieting madness.


She’s Active

Lauren Conrad features workouts on her website, and they aren’t anything extreme or crazy. She exemplifies a woman who has a slim but shapely body, and stays in shape through moderate exercise from a variety of styles. Walking, jogging, Pilates, yoga, Tabata, HIIT and more, Lauren Conrad is active and isn’t afraid to show that to readers.


She’s Got Style

Obviously, Lauren Conrad has an immaculate sense of style. Honestly, this girl could pick out anything, and I’d be sure to wear it! From classy to stylish, and always trendy and in the now, Lauren Conrad is full of tips for styling your wardrobe, even if you’re on a budget.


She’s Domestic

I absolutely love this trait about Lauren Conrad, almost more than any of the rest. She notes that she makes almost all her own food most days, and she loves to cook, clean, and decorate. I love a young woman that’s domestic, perhaps because that’s a natural trait I was raised to have in my own home, and it’s nice to see another young woman who happens to be famous that’s the same way.


She Knows How to Decorate

Lauren Conrad has excellent design tips on her website for decorating your home, no matter what age group you’re in. All of it is stylish, most of it practical, and all of it relevant to the everyday woman’s home styling needs.


She’s Naturally Pretty

Now, while I’m not trying to place looks above personality, Lauren Conrad is a great example that you can be pretty without going over the top. She’s got that natural, simple beauty to her that shines with grace, style, and class. She’s never overly made up, and her hair is usually always similar in style, simply curled and either down or pinned up somehow. She’s truly naturally pretty and that’s something that I find inspirational. A girl can still look pretty and attractive, without looking like she spent half the day doing so!

If you haven’t checked out Lauren Conrad’s blog yet, you can do so at laurenconrad.com. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to her newsletters like I did. You won’t be sorry, I promise! Do you like Lauren Conrad? Why?

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Oh I love her she is really gorgeous and simple and she reminds me of Kate middleton

I totally agree! I also like her because she seems so down to earth

I like Lauren's web site but for one disappointment: I read her "Recommended Reads" but then found she hadn't read any of the books yet!! C'MON!

I've always liked Lauren. From Laguna Beach to the Hills to her books and blogs. She is a great role model.

Unfortunately, she's from that Hills pack of idiots which includes Heidi, Spencer, Audrina, but she is much sharper than that tribe. Glad she disassociated herself.

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