11 Things We Can All Learn from Beyonce ...


11 Things We Can All Learn from Beyonce ...
11 Things We Can All Learn from Beyonce ...

Beyonce is one of the biggest superstars in the world and she constantly holds herself in a respectable and inspiring way, so this article is dedicated to 11 things we can all learn from Beyonce. I would definitely consider Beyonce to be one of my idols and whether it's through her music, her personal life or her time in the public eye, she is always teaching young women important life lessons. These are 11 things we can all learn from Beyonce, so the next time you need some life advice, think of Queen Bey, take some of her advice and apply it to your life.

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Love Your Body

Love Your Body One of the most important things we can all learn from Beyonce is to love our bodies! Beyonce may not be the slimmest of pop stars and she definitely does not have the generic pop star build but she rocks her curves like no one else and is proud to show off her fabulous figure. While it may have been Snoop Dogg who coined the term 'Bootylicious' in 1992, it was Beyonce and Destiny's Child who made the term famous! Due to the popularity of their song of the same name, they had the term 'Bootylicious' added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2004! Bootylicious is all about being confident about your body and loving yourself.


Don't Be Afraid to Be Demanding

Don't Be Afraid to Be Demanding Now Beyonce loves an Independent Woman (we'll get to that in a minute) but she also isn't afraid to ask her man for what she wants. The song Bills, Bills, Bills is all about female empowerment, which Beyonce is all for. When this song was first released in 1999 there was a lot of negative criticism surrounding it, but Beyonce went on to state that this song is all about empowering women and letting them know that it's ok to let a man cater to a woman sometimes. Don't always be the one doing things for your partner, sometimes let him do things for you. Beyonce isn't afraid to ask for what she wants and you shouldn't be either.


It's Good to Keep Some Things Private

It's Good to Keep Some Things Private One of the top things any woman can learn from Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z is their ability to keep their relationship private. From the very beginning they have chosen to keep the details of their relationship private, which makes it so much sweeter for them. No one wants to hear every detail of your relationship and in the end, by over-sharing information, it normally comes back to bite you. Of course go ahead and tell your friends bits and pieces of your relationship, but do they really want to hear all the bedroom details? And does anyone really care about seeing your thousandth Instagram snap of your partner sleeping? Take a leaf from Beyonce and Jay-Z's book and keep some things private.


Be Independent

Be Independent It's pretty clear from her music that Beyonce is all for independent women and female empowerment. Beyonce believes that independent women should be celebrated and she encourages all women to be able to look after themselves and to take control of their own lives. Feminism shouldn't be discouraged amongst women, we should all expect equal rights and should be willing to take care of ourselves. I don't find anything more satisfying than when I complete a task by myself (like building IKEA furniture, changing my own car's tyre or even just reading a map properly!), and I know when I need some extra encouragement to be independent, I can always just blast a few Beyonce tunes to get me in the mood.


Always Be Polite and Kind

Always Be Polite and Kind I think one of the reasons why Beyonce is so loved is because of her amazingly kind attitude and polite personality. Even though she is one of the biggest superstars in the world, she is still incredibly humble about everything she has and polite to everyone she meets. Remember the Kanye-Taylor incident at the VMAs? Well, when Beyonce won her award that night, she took a step back from the limelight and allowed Taylor to take the spotlight and give her winning speech. This cemented her as such a kind and thoughtful person. No matter how successful you become, never ever forget your manners. This is just one lesson we can all learn from Beyonce.


Fake It Till You Make It

Fake It Till You Make It I think everyone is aware of Beyonce's incredibly fierce and oh so fabulous alter ego, Sasha Fierce. Beyonce is known as an incredibly shy woman, so to get into the performance spirit she created an alter ego that she lovingly named Sasha Fierce. I think this is a great idea and something all women could do. Sure, you might not be performing at the Superbowl or in front of a huge crowd, but the next time you have to do something that makes you a little nervous, don a confident and fierce personality and fake it till you make it.


Do What Makes You Happy

Do What Makes You Happy From a young age Beyonce always knew she wanted to be a performer, so she took the future into her own hands and worked hard for what she wanted. Beyonce put so much effort into what she wanted because she knew it was going to make her happy, and you should do the same. I don't want to sound too cheesy here, but do what makes you happy. Even if it seems impossible, strive to achieve everything you want.


Support Your Significant Other

Support Your Significant Other No matter how busy she gets, or how much work she has, Beyonce always seems to be supporting her husband, Jay-Z. From his work to his personal life, Beyonce is always there for him like he is for her. This is a great lesson to learn from Beyonce because no matter how busy you get or how hectic your life seems to be, it's always a good idea to support your loved ones.


Be Classy

Be Classy Beyonce is always classy, no matter what she is doing. From her wardrobe to her performances to interviews to her personal life, Beyonce always seems to take everything in her stride with class and respect. Sure, she might wear revealing clothing sometimes but she always carries herself with dignity (and she's never had an embarrassing caught without underwear situation like certain other pop stars!). She's never crass and she never swears. She's a sweet, softly spoken Southern girl, so the next time you're looking to impress, take a leaf from her book and channel your inner (classy) Beyonce.


Confidence is Key

Confidence is Key No matter what you're doing, whether it's giving a board room presentation or asking your crush out, if you rock a bit of confidence you'll get so much further. Believing in yourself is the first step to accomplishing your dreams and getting over your fears. I always channel a little bit of Beyonce when I need to get something done because I know she's confident in herself, so why can't I be?


Always Support Your Girls

Always Support Your Girls Even though Destiny's Child broke up in 2006, Beyonce has and always will support her girls. From the time she thanked all the members of Destiny's Child (even the original founding members!) when she won the Millennium Award at the Billboard Awards, to the time she performed with Michelle and Kelly at the Superbowl, Beyonce always remembers her girls, even when she's the one in the spotlight. Your friendships with your girls are some of the best and most important of your life, so act like Beyonce and always appreciate them.

These are just 11 things that we can all learn from Beyonce, but honestly I think this woman has so much more to offer! She's a fantastic role model and someone that all young women can look up to. She's beautiful on both the inside and out, so why not try to channel a little bit of Beyonce every day? What's your favourite Beyonce moment and why?

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Bey is already my number one role model, so this made my day. Love the queen (:

Queen bee


I love this, thanks

I love queen B , she's my role model !!!❤️

Thinking of dying my hair this color like beyonce but don't know Id pull it off

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