11 Things We Can All Learn from Beyonce ...

Beyonce is one of the biggest superstars in the world and she constantly holds herself in a respectable and inspiring way, so this article is dedicated to 11 things we can all learn from Beyonce. I would definitely consider Beyonce to be one of my idols and whether it's through her music, her personal life or her time in the public eye, she is always teaching young women important life lessons. These are 11 things we can all learn from Beyonce, so the next time you need some life advice, think of Queen Bey, take some of her advice and apply it to your life.

1. Love Your Body

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One of the most important things we can all learn from Beyonce is to love our bodies! Beyonce may not be the slimmest of pop stars and she definitely does not have the generic pop star build but she rocks her curves like no one else and is proud to show off her fabulous figure. While it may have been Snoop Dogg who coined the term 'Bootylicious' in 1992, it was Beyonce and Destiny's Child who made the term famous! Due to the popularity of their song of the same name, they had the term 'Bootylicious' added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2004! Bootylicious is all about being confident about your body and loving yourself.

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