This is Why Taylor Swift Topped Maxim's Hot 100 ...

In a surprising move away from the supermodel, risqué or edgy of previous picks, Maxim have picked Taylor Swift as 2015’s Hottest and Most Talented Woman Alive. A little bit quirky, gorgeous and somewhat “safe” TS certainly stands out as an exceptional choice. Why?

1. She’s a Feminist Icon

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Taylor Swift sells out concert arenas across the world and millions of records every year, and she does by promoting a brand of young feminism that can translate to her army of fans all over the globe. Many of her songs may be about relationships, but their messages are always ones of female empowerment and not having to settle for anything less than you deserve. In the age of misogynistic hip hop and female objectification in the media, it should not be underestimated just how important a voice like Taylor’s is.

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