7 Times Kylie Jenner Proved That Some Weight Gain is Hot ...


Kylie Jenner, the 17-year-old reality TV star and socialite, has admitted to weight gain in recent months and even posted a throwback photo of herself when she was "15-20 pounds skinnier" on Instagram. But despite what cyberbullies and body-shamers have to say about her body, the girl looks phenomenal! She is a living testament that some weight gain is definitely hot, so here are a few times when she reminded us of that.

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When She Posed POOLSIDE

When She Posed POOLSIDE The half-sister of the Kardashians posed poolside in her grey body-con dress and knee-high caged Jimmy Choos. With fur in hand, there is no denying she absolutely killed it! Just look at those curves! Body goals or what?


When She Faced the Paparazzi

When She Faced the Paparazzi The young starlet escaped the paparazzi and flaunted her hourglass figure in a ribbed, skin-tight dress from NastyGal. Looking at this image, all of the sudden weight gain doesn't seem like such a bad thing anymore!


When She Took a Mirror Selfie

When She Took a Mirror Selfie It appears that her weight gain has targeted all the right places, making sure to still leave a tiny waist behind. In this photo, Kylie bares her naturally toned tummy in her nautical striped two-piece, forcing everyone to do a double-take.


When She Drove out in LA

When She Drove out in LA In an interview with InStyle UK, Kylie casually mentioned that she hasn't worked out in over 2.5 years, so we can conclude that her derrière wasn't a result of countless squats. Bless her genetics!


When She Took a Fierce Stroll

When She Took a Fierce Stroll Kylie turns heads as she goes out for a typical coffee run in a white crop top, high waisted skinny pants and grey slip-ons. You wouldn't even be able to tell that this gal has packed on a few pounds. Seriously, people would kill for her body!


When She Went out for Lunch

When She Went out for Lunch You'd think that shorts and a t-shirt are enough to grab lunch, but not for this starlet. Kylie stepped out in a white mesh long-sleeve shirt, a pair of black leggings and Chanel sneakers, and of course she looked stunning! I think the guy in the background would concur.


When She Celebrated Easter

When She Celebrated Easter Accompanied by her family and rumored boyfriend, Kylie spent this year's Easter by going to church in a white long-sleeve top and sky blue jeans. With a few successful clothing collections already in her pocket, Jenner knows a thing or two about fashion, and how to accentuate her figure.

Worried about gaining a pound or two? Don't be. Forget about the stick-skinny unrealistic body goals that the fashion industry sets for the public and aim for something more realistic. And even if you do end up going up on the scale, think of Kylie's body transformation!

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This is an awful article :( she is a 17 year old girl!!

This outrages me. In what way is that weight gain? You can't have a "naturally toned stomach" and have extra weight.

I wish I had all that money to buy myself a new bod as well. I wonder who her plastic surgeon is, he did a fantastic job!

Perks of being rich and having money to do wtv you want with your body *sigh*

What the heck is wrong with people. She is skinny and beautiful. Yes she has hips and a butt but that's based on her body type not her weight. This is so ridiculous. This right here is why girls are always putting themselves on diets and feeling shameful about their bodies.

Utterly an un elegant women

I don't know much about her but I just love that poolside photo - she's gorgeous!

This is a terrible article that even body-shames thin women at the ending paragraph. Anyways, she doesn't have anything "weight gain" - it's all about her figure! Which is mostly fake anyways. The author of this article should be ashamed for promoting everything she shouldn't be, especially when it comes to influencing people on topics such as weight and figure.

Gracec lik god bless u

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