7 Times Chrissy Teigen Proved She's the Realest There is ...

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen is probably my all-time favorite person to follow on social media. She's hilarious! She's always posting/tweeting things that we're all thinking but are too afraid to admit. Seriously, she'd make the coolest best friend! She's constantly proving that she's just like you and me: quirky, witty, and awesome. Check out the times that she's proved she's the realest there is:

1. When She Posed for Candids

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Girls, let's be real... are our "candid" photos ever really candid? Nope. LOL. We're all guilty of posing for photos that, well, look like we were "caught off guard." Unlike us all, Chrissy isn't afraid to admit it! She posted this hilarious photo on Instagram with the caption, "let's take a candid!" What's your go-to "candid" pose? Does it look anything like this?

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