35 Times Rihanna Totally Slayed on and off Stage ...

By Cassandra

35 Times Rihanna Totally Slayed on and off Stage ...

When it comes down to it, Rihanna is one of the biggest trendsetters in Hollywood (and in the fashion world in general). Seriously, from her edgy street style fashion to her classic red carpet looks, her style game is always on point. It's no surprise that she always makes the top of those "It" girl lists; there's just something so ridiculously alluring about her sporty and flirty style. As far as I'm concerned, everyone else need not apply. Here are some of her sexiest looks that only scratch the surface of why I want to get on this fashionista's level.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Keeping It Cool
  2. 2. Artsy Style
  3. 3. Slay: Grammys Edition
  4. 4. Kickin' It Old School
  5. 5. White Hot
  6. 6. Vintage
  7. 7. All Black Everything
  8. 8. Crazy. Sexy. Cool
  9. 9. Fashion Queen
  10. 10. Red Haute
  11. 11. So Mellow
  12. 12. Pretty in Pink
  13. 13. Crop Top Envy
  14. 14. Ready for Spring
  15. 15. Little Black Dress
  16. 16. Killer Gym Style
  17. 17. Grungy and Chic
  18. 18. Sleek and Sultry
  19. 19. Still Killing It!
  20. 20. Hollywood Glamour
  21. 21. So Retro
  22. 22. Slay to the Left, Slay to the Right
  23. 23. Laidback
  24. 24. Classy
  25. 25. Flirty Glam
  26. 26. Statement Pieces Are Everything
  27. 27. Fierce Leopard Print
  28. 28. Sophisticated Fashionista
  29. 29. Bold and Sexy
  30. 30. Fashion Week!
  31. 31. Edgy Little Black Dress
  32. 32. Dressed down but Fabulous
  33. 33. Mysterious Beauty
  34. 34. Always Ahead of the Game
  35. 35. The Jumpsuit

1 Keeping It Cool

Keeping It Cool Source: We’ve Got Our Eye On

2 Artsy Style

Artsy Style Source: Is Rihanna Carrying a New

3 Slay: Grammys Edition

Slay: Grammys Edition Source: 10 Looks We Loved At

4 Kickin' It Old School

Kickin' It Old School Source: Kick up Your Summer Look

5 White Hot

White Hot Source: Rihanna: Met Gala 2014

6 Vintage

Vintage Source: 17 Items Rihanna Absolutely Must

7 All Black Everything

All Black Everything Source: Hair Hair Hair

8 Crazy. Sexy. Cool

Crazy. Sexy. Cool Source: Photos: 10 Best Dressed: Week

9 Fashion Queen

Fashion Queen Source: Rihanna shows off more of

10 Red Haute

Red Haute Source: Rihanna Wears a Red Hot

11 So Mellow

So Mellow Source: pyrrhics.tumblr.com

12 Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Source: The 10 Trends We’re Most

13 Crop Top Envy

Crop Top Envy Source: Celebrities Doing Things!

14 Ready for Spring

Ready for Spring Source: Top 10 Best Rihanna’s Outfits

15 Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress Source: #theLIST: Best Dressed: NYFW Spring

16 Killer Gym Style

Killer Gym Style Source: In Soho

17 Grungy and Chic

Grungy and Chic Source: Rihanna's Best Fashion Moments

18 Sleek and Sultry

Sleek and Sultry Source: Rihanna swaps trendy street wear

19 Still Killing It!

Still Killing It! Source: Let Rihanna’s Killer London Style

20 Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood Glamour Source: Rihanna's Style Through the Years

21 So Retro

So Retro Source: harpersbazaar.com

22 Slay to the Left, Slay to the Right

Slay to the Left, Slay to the Right Source: Rihanna's Best Fashion Moments

23 Laidback

Laidback Source: Miranda Kerr & Flynn from

24 Classy

Classy Source: Rihanna Shows Us All How

25 Flirty Glam

Flirty Glam Source: styleoverview | Fashionfreax | Social

26 Statement Pieces Are Everything

Statement Pieces Are Everything Source: Candy Coated Cyanide

27 Fierce Leopard Print

Fierce Leopard Print Source: 13 Formulas To Switch Up

28 Sophisticated Fashionista

Sophisticated Fashionista Source: Rihanna from Stars at New

29 Bold and Sexy

Bold and Sexy Source: Rihanna's Best Fashion Moments

30 Fashion Week!

Fashion Week! Source: Paris Fashion Week

31 Edgy Little Black Dress

Edgy Little Black Dress Source: We Women

32 Dressed down but Fabulous

Dressed down but Fabulous

33 Mysterious Beauty

Mysterious Beauty Source: The Classy Issue

34 Always Ahead of the Game

Always Ahead of the Game Source: Intice Online

35 The Jumpsuit

The Jumpsuit Source: Purse

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