35 Times Rihanna Totally Slayed on and off Stage ...

By Cassandra

When it comes down to it, Rihanna is one of the biggest trendsetters in Hollywood (and in the fashion world in general). Seriously, from her edgy street style fashion to her classic red carpet looks, her style game is always on point. It's no surprise that she always makes the top of those "It" girl lists; there's just something so ridiculously alluring about her sporty and flirty style. As far as I'm concerned, everyone else need not apply. Here are some of her sexiest looks that only scratch the surface of why I want to get on this fashionista's level.

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Keeping It Cool

Keeping It Cool Source: We’ve Got Our Eye On


Artsy Style

Artsy Style Source: Is Rihanna Carrying a New

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Slay: Grammys Edition

Slay: Grammys Edition Source: 10 Looks We Loved At

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Kickin' It Old School

Kickin' It Old School Source: Kick up Your Summer Look

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White Hot

White Hot Source: Rihanna: Met Gala 2014

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Vintage Source: 17 Items Rihanna Absolutely Must

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All Black Everything

All Black Everything Source: Hair Hair Hair

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Crazy. Sexy. Cool

Crazy. Sexy. Cool Source: Photos: 10 Best Dressed: Week

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Fashion Queen

Fashion Queen Source: Rihanna shows off more of

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Red Haute

Red Haute Source: Rihanna Wears a Red Hot

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So Mellow

So Mellow Source: pyrrhics.tumblr.com

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Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Source: The 10 Trends We’re Most

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Crop Top Envy

Crop Top Envy Source: Celebrities Doing Things!

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Ready for Spring

Ready for Spring Source: Top 10 Best Rihanna’s Outfits

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Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress Source: #theLIST: Best Dressed: NYFW Spring

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Killer Gym Style

Killer Gym Style Source: In Soho

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Grungy and Chic

Grungy and Chic Source: Rihanna's Best Fashion Moments

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Sleek and Sultry

Sleek and Sultry Source: Rihanna swaps trendy street wear

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Still Killing It!

Still Killing It! Source: Let Rihanna’s Killer London Style

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Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood Glamour Source: Rihanna's Style Through the Years

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So Retro

So Retro Source: harpersbazaar.com

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Slay to the Left, Slay to the Right

Slay to the Left, Slay to the Right Source: Rihanna's Best Fashion Moments

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Laidback Source: Miranda Kerr & Flynn from

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Classy Source: Rihanna Shows Us All How

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Flirty Glam

Flirty Glam Source: styleoverview | Fashionfreax | Social

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Statement Pieces Are Everything

Statement Pieces Are Everything Source: Candy Coated Cyanide

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Fierce Leopard Print

Fierce Leopard Print Source: 13 Formulas To Switch Up

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Sophisticated Fashionista

Sophisticated Fashionista Source: Rihanna from Stars at New

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Bold and Sexy

Bold and Sexy Source: Rihanna's Best Fashion Moments

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Fashion Week!

Fashion Week! Source: Paris Fashion Week

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Edgy Little Black Dress

Edgy Little Black Dress Source: We Women

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Dressed down but Fabulous

Dressed down but Fabulous

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Mysterious Beauty

Mysterious Beauty Source: The Classy Issue

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Always Ahead of the Game

Always Ahead of the Game Source: Intice Online

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The Jumpsuit

The Jumpsuit Source: Purse

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You all say tacky, she says you aren't up in trends yet, plus you can't even afford them. Different is good, not tacky.

Red dress was stunning and she does coats really well. She's stunning though. Not crazy about most of the looks

I love all her styles! Keep it fresh Riri!

Most of these outfits are tacky.

#29 is a rare example of her not looking good. Otherwise she's perf always no matter what. Just bcus you know something will look tacky on you doesn't mean it's tacky on Rihanna. She's got a style all her own and not many people can say that. True she might have a stylist but she puts on and rocks what she chooses.

24 us not classy but i like then

I think Rihanna is absolutely awesome and she has an undeniably awesome fashion sense. She looks amazing in anything and everything she wears! 😆😊☺

She looks great! I wish I had legs like that!


Best post I've seen in a while 😁😍😍😍🙌 and if you can't see her natural beauty and innovative style then please exit and sit in a corner and reflect on life

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