Mindy Lahiri is Our Spirit Animal ...

Mindy Lahiri is, whether you know it or not, probably your spirit animal. She wears “performance rhinestones” to work out, she defends her “dainty wrists,” and sometimes she narrates her life like she’s in a romantic comedy. We’ve all had our Mindy Lahiri moments, whether we’re trying to get over a break up or simply trying to get through the day. Thanks to The Mindy Project, we’ve all found a new spirit animal in Mindy Lahiri.

1. Every Time She Works out, Ever

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We all have Mindy Lahiri moments while working out. Whether we need to imagine award show fantasies to get through our workouts, or convince ourselves we really need a new “performance rhinestone” J.Crew workout outfit, we are all Mindy Lahiri in those times.

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