7 Underrated Actresses That I Want to See More of ...

Sometimes I think about all the underrated actresses in Hollywood and wonder what makes them different from the rest. These actresses are obviously talented and very hard working, but they just don’t get the recognition they deserve! Just because these actresses aren’t considered A-list by most people or don't have tons of awards doesn’t mean they aren’t good at what they do, right? Whatever the reason, I decided to share my list of seven of the many underrated actresses that I want to see more of!

1. Paula Patton

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I think Paula Patton is certainly one of the more underrated actresses in Tinseltown today. Patton has been mainly featured in romantic comedies in the past. Recently, she’s been seen in a few films such as Mission Impossible, Precious and most recently in 2 Guns, but we need more! I don’t think we’ve seen all that she’s capable of as an actress! Personally, I’d love to see her do a film with her smooth as silk hubby, Robin Thicke!

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