7 Modern Actresses Playing Popular Style Icons – Are You Convinced?

Actresses playing popular style icons have become a common sight on our screens. Some of the most famous style icons have legacies that continue to live on to this day. As a result of their interesting lives and personalities, many film makers have chosen to retell their stories. And who better to play the style icons of the past than the actresses of today who are often style icons themselves? Take a look at these actresses playing popular style icons and let us know if you’re convinced.

1. Naomi Watts as Princess Diana

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One of the most talked about actresses playing popular style icons lately has been Naomi Watts. Watts portrays the late Princess Diana in a film that focuses on the last two years of her life. As well as being a well-known public figure, Princess Diana was also a style icon and trendsetter. The film, simply called β€œDiana”, premiered at the beginning of September, but has so far been panned by British critics.

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