7 Kick-Ass Celebrities Who Support Women's Rights ...

Before the age of Twitter, I had no idea how many celebrities who support women's rights were out there. More to the point, I had no idea how many male celebrities who support women's rights there are out there. That seems incredibly ignorant of me now, but it was delightful making this discovery all the same. While some of these people have surprised me, others seem incredibly obvious.

1. Patrick Stewart

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Out of all of the celebrities who support women's rights, Patrick Stewart is the latest one for me. Giving him his proper title, Sir Patrick Stewart, this lovely man has starred in Star Trek, X-Men, and American Dad. I have seen absolutely none of these. I have, however, seen him deliver passionate speeches about the abuse he saw his mother undergo while he was a kid. Today he works alongside agencies like Amnesty International to prevent this from happening to others.

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