7 Amazing Supermodels I Want to Be Friends with ...

Most people assume that supermodels are stuck up and snotty, but there are actually a few amazing supermodels who I think are great friend material. These supermodels are down to earth, seem fun to be around, and are awesome all around. Their killer closets that I would be able to raid are just bonus points for these amazing supermodels. They might be famous on the runway, but I think these supermodels would be awesome friends.

1. Cara Delevingne

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Cara Delevingne is the number one of the many amazing supermodels I would want to be best friends with. She has been called the Jennifer Lawrence of supermodels for being cool and quirky, and has a great sense of humor. When she is not killing it on the runways, she can be seen making the most hysterical faces and goofing around with top celebs like Rita Ora and Karl Lagerfeld. Most people can't pull of such a cool vibe while acting like such a dork, but Cara Delevingne isn’t most people.

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