7 Underrated Actresses Who Deserve More Attention ...


7 Underrated Actresses Who Deserve More Attention ...
7 Underrated Actresses Who Deserve More Attention ...

Hollywood is overflowing with beautiful and talented women, but there are quite a few underrated actresses who are just as fabulous. We all have our favourite stars and starlets, some of which our friends have never heard of. Compiling this list was hard, but here are my top underrated actresses who I’m sure you’ll love too!

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Vera Farmiga

Vera Farmiga Vera Farmiga tops my list of underrated actresses who deserves more attention as I think she is just spectacular. Her unusual beauty and astounding talent make her hypnotic. The Ukrainian-American actress first grabbed my attention when starring in "The Orphan" for her captivating portrayal of a distressed mother. My admiration for her was only heightened with her portrayal of Norma Bates in the series "Bates Motel." Definitely a contender for an Oscar and one to watch.


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar Sarah Michelle Gellar has seemed to dwindle from the public eye after her smash hit series Buffy The Vampire Slayer came to an end during the noughties. Her quick-witted character became an icon for many closet geeks everywhere and embodied girl power. She seems to have stepped back from the limelight to focus on her family – which is admirable of course, but I for one will be very glad to see her return to the silver screen.


Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs Okay, I may be biased because I loved the series Charmed (and still do!), but my love for the series came from Holly’s portrayal of Piper Hallywell. Since the series ended, Holly can now be seen playing Ella Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars and once again, she steals the scenes she stars in. She is a natural beauty too and embodies the girl next door. She doesn’t need to subscribe to Hollywood expectations of beauty as her looks and talent are more than enough.


Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel Alexis is best known for her portrayal of the adorable Rory Gilmore in the Gilmore Girls. I adored the fast talking, banter bouncing relationship portrayed in the show between her and her mother, (played by the equally beautiful Lauren Graham) but was really impressed of her portrayal of Becky in Sin City. I couldn’t help but think, that with her demure mannerisms and doe-eyed beauty, that she was a major oversight for the role of Anastasia Steele; anyone else agree?


Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz Moretz in a breath of fresh air when it comes to young Hollywood. Despite appearing in many hit films, such as Kick Ass and Dark Shadows, she is still quite unknown. Hopefully, this will change with her starring role in the remake of Stephen King's Carrie. I fell in love with Chloe when she starred as Hit Girl in the brilliant Kick Ass. Hit Girl is a force to be reckoned with, a foul mouthed child superhero. It takes a girl with grit to play such a character and this is one reason I think she deserves a lot more attention – she is one to watch.


Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange Now, I know that Jessica Lange is hardly unknown as she shot to fame when she starred in King Kong back in 1976, but many girls in their 20s, such as myself may not have heard of Lange – and they’re missing out! It was only when I became obsessed with the cult series American Horror Story that I first learnt of Jessica and her amazing talent. Her portrayal as Sister Jude in series two kept me tuning in every week as well as counting the weeks to the start of series 3, where she did not disappoint. If in doubt about her amazing talent, check out her rendition of "the name game" from AHS series 2! Ms Lange deserves as much attention now as she did in the 70s, as she’s still one of the best, most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.


Taissa Farmiga

Taissa Farmiga Does this name sound familiar? Well, she is the little sister of Vera Farmiga, who she states is her best friend as well as "my stylist, my everything" – isn’t that adorable? She embodies many of the same traits as her big sister, both in beauty and talent. I wasn’t aware that the two were sisters when I became fans of both which indicates that they are both recognizable on their own merits. Another star of American Horror story, she holds her own well next to her spectacular co-stars. Just like her sister, Taissa is one to watch.

All these actresses are underrated as we don’t constantly see them in the public eye or on the covers of magazines, but as soon as I saw them on screen I knew they were women to watch. It is refreshing to see women stand out thanks to their talent, their unique beauty and their on screen charisma. Were you aware of the actresses? If so, do you agree? Which underrated actresses do you adore?

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Holly Marie combs

Omg how about that actress that plays Victoria in revenge? She is pretty

I've always loved Holly Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell!!!! Wouldn't have watched the show without her!!!

Most of these actresses had decent and many shots to show what they could do and the only one that I think will seriously make waves is Chloe Grace Moretz

Love Alexis Bledel she was great on Mad Men too . Another actress who is completely ignored and should act more is Thandie Newton she's wonderful!

I Holly Marie Combs, so glad she's on pll now.

Alexis Bledel in tuck everlasting :) so good!

I totally agree with you for Alexis Bledel! I voted for her to play Anatasia! This role is so her!

Yes Alexis so could had been Anastasia...

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