Will Beyonce Be a "Single Lady" Again? ...


Rumors of an impending divorce have been dogging Queen Bey and Jay Z for months now. Similar rumors have popped up off and on throughout the years, but the power couple has always persevered, usually thumbing their noses at tabloids and gossip columns in the process. It's no different now – Beyonce keeps Instagramming happy family pictures and showing support for her husband, plus the two just finished up a tour together. However...

This time, the divorce rumors seemed to take on seriousness just after the infamous video of Solange Knowles, Beyonce's sister, attacking Hova in an elevator. To date, no one really knows what happened to cause such a public spectacle. “Inside sources,” which you should always take with a grain of salt, claim that Beyonce's just waiting until the tour's officially over, and that she's been scouting apartments in NYC, sans Mr. Carter.

Whatever happens, we should only hope that they're both happy, and that little Blue continues to be a thriving, lovely, happy baby who is so clearly adored by both parents. What do you think of the rumors – will it be a breakup, a make up, or do you simply not care?

Sources: usmagazine.com, hollywoodtake.com, popsugar.com

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Or maybe we shouldn't be invading in people's personal lives...

Those rumors started in tabloids- if everyone reads everything that is said about them then they can try to prove they aren't getting a divorce but it won't help- rumors can't fade if everyone keeps bringing everything back... And btw, I didn't even read the article I just went straight to the comments section as I am literally pissed on everyone that writes or reads such stuff...

I agree with the comments.....wish them the best...but if it doesn't work out, then that's their business. I am not one of those people who get emotionally attached to the relationships of others lol

Whats up with the gossiping articles :( i like how things were before tbh.

They need our prayers, divorce is not an easy thing, celebrity couple or not, especially with a child involved. I wish them well!

These new gossip things are stupid. No one cares.

I think we should just wish the best for them. If they decide to stay together or get a divorce, that's their business and they have their own reasons behind whatever decision is made.

I think the tabloids are just making drama - if bey's sis attacked jay z, people are just making assumptions and taking it too far. Enough already!

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